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For more than 30 years, the Toyota Landcruiser has been a frequent and iconic sight in the Australian Outback, aka ‘Landcruiser Country’!

The latest range, the 79 Series Landcruiser, is still the King off the road.

They are true workhorses, straight off the showroom floor, and have very few heavy duty competitors.


There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Ford Ranger at the moment. In 2017, it topped the 4×4 sales charts in Australia, a position held by Toyota for decades! The trend doesn’t look like it’s slowing down either.

The 2018 Ford Ranger Ute lineup is continuing its surge into the top echelon of Australia’s favourite utility vehicles.

Toyota Hilux

In the last 20 years, the Toyota Hilux has formed somewhat of an empire.

It topped the Australian vehicle sales the previous two years running, leading into the new Toyota Hilux 2018. Although this includes all 4×2 fleet sales, it demonstrates the trust and reliability we all have come to love about this iconic vehicle.

Mazda BT-50

In recent times, out of all the vehicles we see rolling through the Trayon shop, the Mazda has numbered surprisingly high. More so, in fact, than rivals like the Toyota Hilux!

As a result, our Trayon team have developed an intimate understanding of how a BT-50 suits a Trayon slide on camper, and how the vehicle copes with the rigours of the Australian Outback.


The G300 Ute (G Professional)  is forging its way into the off-road ute market. Its big, resilient, can carry an absolute mountain of payload, and it is threatening the long-standing reputation held by the Landcruiser as King of the Outback. The price tag may appear steep at first, but after analysing what you get with the Mercedes package, it seems completely justified!

Isuzu DMax

In this 2018 Isuzu DMax 4×4 review we will discuss engine specs, dimensions, payload and towing capacity along with setting up your Isuzu Dmax for some real work. We will compare it to the more popular Hilux and Ford Ranger along with the Mazda BT-50.

Iveco Daily

Is the Iveco Daily 4×4 a good off road vehicle for exploring Australia? That is the question which we hope to answer in this article. There’s no doubt about it, the Iveco daily 4×4 is made for hard work from the factory floor, with many off roading accessories that come standard.

But can it be used as a replacement for the standard 1 tonne style off road ute many of us use for work and play everyday?


There’s a huge variety of 4×4 utes to choose from these days. From Great Walls to Toyota Landcruisers, and everything in between. The difference in price from the bottom end to the top end is significant, and we all find ourselves wondering if it is justified.

Budget Ute Showdown

Nissan Navara & Mitsubishi Triton

The 2018 Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton both provide value for money options in the 4×4 ute market. The Triton is currently around the third highest selling ute in Australia, and the Navara is right up there as well. However, value often comes at a cost.