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Gullwing Cruiser

Gullwing Cruiser - Custom Touring Vehicle

Trayon started with the legendary 79 series Landcuiser and engineered it into an outback touring beast.

Touring the outback, 1000’s of kilometers from the nearest town where requires a heavy duty, robust, gear hauling vehicle. And an upgraded 79 series Landcuiser is as heavy duty as it gets, and a common choice for explorers.

However, the market is flooded with accessories for Landcruisers, where do you even begin? Also, one of the main issues people face with a single cab 79 Series Landcruiser is their limited in-cab storage space, as in, they don’t really have any!! There is no super cab or extra cab options. When touring, the right gear can save lives, so you need secure storage.

The Gullwing Cruiser is a turn-key complete touring vehicle which you can order and customise directly from us or supply your own base Landcruiser 79 Series. It comes with the Gullwing tray that provides heaps of extra, compartmentalised, lockable, dustproof storage space which utilises the same precise, strong, and lightweight engineering principles that go into our Trayon Camper. We also upgrade the vehicle to handle series off-road use with tried and tested accessories.

An Expedition Vehicle Which Maximises Space

We use the skinniest Gullwing style box we can make while keeping it light, useable and extremely strong. The box replaces the standard tray headboard which comes with a stock single cab 79 Series Landcruiser. This means we immediately gain about 100mm of space behind the cab. This headboard space is extremely valuable tray real estate.

We go to extreme lengths to maximise space. Because every cubic centimetre counts!

For example, we use 35mm fully dustproof Gullwing door seals instead of the industry-standard 40mm. This allows us to keep the storage box as skinny as it needs to be so that the Trayon slide on camper can be loaded up nice and close to the cab, which has huge benefits for off-road stability and safety in the way of proper load distribution. 

The Gullwing box also sits directly on the chassis, not the tray. This means you gain a heap of extra low down space, which makes it easier to store heavy things and get them in and out, or slide out a fridge. 

The Gullwing Cruiser Optional Extras

The extra add ons you can ask for include: