Camper Reviews

Trayon #1136 Graham & Lisa – Our Second Trayon


We kept our first Trayon for three years, criss crossing Australia and ticking off all the iconic 4WD tracks at least once. We did the Canning Stock Route (from Well 23 to 51) four times, three by ourselves! We didn’t shy away from tracks that were, and still are, unmarked on HEMA and VMS maps. The Trayon performed flawlessly.

79 Series Landcruiser Base Camp - Trayon Camper Review Australia

Trayon #812 Ralph Bullock – 75 Years Young!


After four years and over 110,000km with my Trayon sitting on the Mazda BT50, I feel well qualified to pass judgement. For me, lifestyle is an important consideration. Mine has always been outdoor oriented, both professionally and for leisure. This has been enormously enhanced by Trayon.

Trayon #619 Brian and Carol – Africa to Asia


In November this year, we will have owned our Trayon for 10 years! That’s a decade of adventure and fun, and we can hardly believe it! And, another decade awaits! More than 35,000 kilometres, steering our way through 22 baffling border crossings in and out of 17 countries.

Trayon Camper Number 1003 Set Up Base Camp

Trayon #1003 Terry and Dianne


We picked up our new Trayon Dual Cab Deluxe, #1003 in late May 2017, then did a couple of 2 day trips to learn how to use everything. After this we spent 4 weeks travelling to Central West QLD, to Winton across to Opalton and Jundah, 4,000 kms on dusty corrugated roads.

Trayon #915 Shane’s Story


I chose a Mazda BT50 Freestyle with beefed up everything and my mate went hard core with a 79 series Landcruiser with the lot. So, after four months, 15,000 + k’s with at least 6,000 plus kilometres of bull dust, corrugations, water crossings, ruts, washouts and sand dunes what was the result?

Mazda BT-50 and Landcruiser LC-79 with Trayon camper
Trayon Review #1017 Robyn and Nigel

Trayon Review #1017 Robyn and Nigel


We quickly realised we would need a robust 4WD vehicle and some lightweight, compact and sophisticated shelter options.  Where do you find that?

We didn’t feel like dragging three tonnes of caravan around – and how would that work off road? Camper trailers are lighter and better off-road, but you have to pack and unpack a lot of stuff at every stop – not much fun for the cook.