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made in australia
made in australia

Your Ultimate Off-grid Adventure Starts Here With No Limits

Explore the world without being hitched. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or the ultimate bucket list adventure. A Trayon Camper is your home away from home… which also happens to be engineered for extreme off road use in the middle of nowhere.

Manufacturing since 1994


Starting Dry Weight

10 Years

Structural Off-road Warranty


Campers Roaming the World

Slide-on Camper VS Camper Trailer

Trayon Slide-on Campers are a convenient and safe way to explore the deepest most remote areas of Australia and the globe in comfort. Areas that are too precarious or restricted for caravans and camper trailers.

Advantages of a Trayon Camper over a Camper Trailer:

Our Mission

Maximise Comfort + Minimise Weight = Go Further, Go Safer

Usually in the caravan industry, more comfort and convenience = more weight. However, travelling the vast distances and the rugged terrain of Australia, often times with thousands of km’s in any direction to civilisation.

More weight = higher risk of vehicle, trailer or personal damage.

That’s why our industry leading engineering team have designed an innovative lightweight camper for exploring in great comfort while minimising weight. This is a tried and tested formula which will keep you, your family and your vehicle safe when you are in the middle of nowhere.

A Model For All 4WD Tray Back Ute Configurations

Single Cab

1 single cab

Sleeps: 3

Available Camper Models: Trayon 1980

Models: 1. Standard 2. Deluxe 3. Diesel Deluxe

Extra Cab

2 extra cab

Sleeps: 3

Available Camper Models: Trayon 1980

Models: 1. Standard 2. Deluxe 3. Diesel Deluxe

Dual Cab

3 dual cab

Sleeps: 4

Available Camper Models: Trayon Dual-wide

Models: 1. Standard 2. Deluxe 3. Diesel Deluxe

Choosing Your Slide on Camper: Does Weight Matter?


Whether you choose Trayon or not. Choosing a slide-on camper involves a little more groundwork than simply choosing features.

The Trayon Camper is very light weight when compared to other slide-on campers, starting at 390 kg; it wont normally exceed your vehicles payload limits. 

However, it comes down vehicle make and model, your vehicle accessories and what you want to take with you.

Most utes in Australia have an approximate legal payload between 600 kg – 1200 kg  (vehicle make and model dependant). 

This may sound like a lot, but once you equip your vehicle with:

You can quickly use that payload up. Which can land you in hot water legally and also with insurance if anything were to go wrong, not to mention the safety hazards of overloading your vehicle. 

So choosing a slide on camper that gives you breathing room for your gear is very important.

Trayon Owners Reviews

We have been Trayon owners for 4 years now and have found it to be the best, most convenient way for us to travel. It’s very quick to set up, gives us the opportunity to visit places others cannot reach and gives us comfort and reliability. It is lightweight yet incredibly sturdy. After sale service is excellent.

We have taken our Trayon, which sits on our chopped 200 series Landcruiser to Fraser Island, the Victorian High country, the Flinders Ranges, West/East MacDonnell Ranges and across the Simpson via the Madigan Line. Not to mention countless corrugated roads. It was faultless and remained dust free.

Can’t ask for more than that. Thank you to the team at Trayon for this outstanding product and allowing us our freedom to travel ANYWHERE.

Trayon Campers

Wonderful slide on camper. Luxury camping with the ability to go off road to any isolated spot. We have taken our Trayon over the Simpson Desert, Gibb River Road, around Tasmania and over the High Country as well as many small trips.

The Trayon never missed a beat. Very easy to set up (I can be sitting after fully setting up, with gin in hand, 15mins after arriving at camp!). Plenty of storage space, a good size fridge, 2 burner stove (which can be used inside if raining or outside if you prefer) and a heater for those cold nights.

Solar panels allow us to be isolated and off the grid and give us a hot shower! 110L water means we can stay in lovely isolated places for longer. I always feel so relaxed the moment I get in the Ute when we are off with the Trayon.

Trayon Campers

5 stars are not enough! We’ve just spent the last week up on the Sunshine Coast and visited Trayon. We would like to spread the word about this amazing company and their awesome product.

Despite the fact, that we bought our camper 2nd hand they treated us like any other Trayon owner. This company is amazing. It’s like a big family.

Ziza, Scholtz, Vernon and the whole Trayon family were so helpful and caring. Above and beyond any service you’d expect from any company. The best service we’ve ever received.

Thank you Trayon we can’t thank you enough. We love our Trayon and we can’t wait to take it around Australia.

Trayon Campers

Inside our Slide On Camper

What our Customers Say​

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Gullwing Cruiser

Your Ultimate Touring Package

Long term off-road adventures in outback are the stuff dreams are made of! Touring vehicles, like kitted out 79 Series Landcruisers are the steeds which can take us there. They are a common choice among our customers.

However, one of the main problems people run into with a single cab 79 Series Landcruiser is their limited in-cab storage space, as in, they don’t really have any! And when you go on your ultimate outback adventure secure storage space is key!

That’s where Trayon’s custom ‘Gullwing Cruiser’ turn-key touring solution comes in. A fully equipped expedition vehicle based on the Landcruiser. It has a customised tray that provides heaps of extra, compartmentalised, lockable, dustproof storage space, designed specifically for your Trayon Camper. But the custom tray is just the beginning.

gullwing cruiser

Did you know there are three different classes of Slide on campers?

Trayon Campers are constantly innovating in each class. Yes, that’s three brands under one roof. Here’s how we differentiate them:

class 1 traymate
Class 1: Canopy Slide on Camper
traymate logo

For those who want a multipurpose canopy style camper.

This class is typically a multipurpose canopy style camper with a rooftop tent which can be used during the week for work and during the weekend for play.

Trayon Camper Naduka Station
Class 2: Walk In Camper
logo trayon

For those who want to camp but don't want to tow.

This class really represents the slide ons which are purpose built for camping. They are a walk in style camper which contain the creature comforts that class 1 doesn’t, such as seating, dedicated sleeping, and indoor or outdoor cooking.

class 3 traytek
Class 3: Solid Wall Camper
traytek logo

For those who want a caravan but don’t want to tow.

This class of slide on camper commonly have a hard top roof and share many of the traits of the class 2 camper. However, they are often a little heavier and aimed at the more luxurious end of the market.
We collected our Trayon camper in February 2017. Due to other commitments we used it sporadically until June 2019. From day 1 we found the Trayon to be a great holiday home and continued to refine how we used it. We are now using the Trayon consistently and it continues to impress us. During one week of heavy rain it was faultless. Vernon and his team are magnificent. They are totally responsive and patient and have helped us with any question, however trivial it might be. We have visited the factory on a few occasions and each time have been warmly welcomed. We are currently on the road and enjoying our trip.
Trayon Campers

We purchased a Dual Wide Diesel Deluxe camper in 2017 as we wanted a set up that would allow us to travel off the beaten track and also significantly reduce the time we spent setting up and taking down our campsite as many of our stays are overnight. The Trayon fits these requirements perfectly. Last year we travelled the very isolated, and at times challenging, Munza Track in the Kimberleys.

We haven’t had any issues with dust and that is usually a huge bug bear when travelling off the bitumen.

Your customer service is exceptional. Whenever we’ve had any queries or issues everyone has always been interested, friendly and knowledgeable. Special thanks to Vernon.

trayon campers

Our Trayon recently celebrated its third birthday and what a.three years it has been. Trips to Tasmania, Cape York, the Kimberley and more. From the time of our shakedown trip to Fraser island never a regret of our choice of slide on camper.

We also love caravanning but the real plus with the Trayon is that we no longer have to wonder what is is down the end of the side tracks that criss cross our great country. Now we go and have a look! We have now travelled the fire trails in the Vic high country and the incredibly long and beautiful desert tracks without worrying about getting caught out by the rough stuff.

Trayon Campers

Our Heritage

26 Years of building slide on campers for the weekend or that lifetime adventure, and what a GREAT story it is! Find out the whole story below.

trayon heritage
Can I pay off my camper in instalments?

We get it, not everyone has a lump sum ready for their ultimate camping setup. That’s okay, with our finance provider you can get a camper loan from $10,000 – $60,000+ with same day approvals.

Step 1: Find the pricing of your perfect camper and note down its price for the next step.

Step 2: Fill out the loan application

Trayon Campers - Wide Angle Naduka Station
Can I get insurance for my camper?

Here are some options:

  • CIL Insurance
    CIL-Trayon reference number: 35931519
  • Ken Tame & Associates
    In order to receive insurance from Ken Tame you need to be a member of CMCA Caravan Motorhome Club
  • TCIS Insurance
  • RACV Insurance
  • Club4x4
  • RACQ Insurance


Got any more questions? Here are some common ones we get:

The lightest Trayon Camper starts at a dry weight of 370 kgs. You can expect a fully loaded Trayon to be around 600-650 kg once you fill up the water, gas, luggage, crockery and so forth. But of course that varies with load and model. To get a full list of weights to help you calculate your payload click here.

We have a manufacturing warranty for up to 10 years!!! Because we 100% believe in the quality of our product. 

Yes, we design and build our campers from parts sourced in Australia. We are big supporters keeping things in Australia because we have plenty of skilled workers right here. So if you decided to buy a Trayon you are contributing to large workforce of both Trayon employees and local contractors.

We are officially registered with Australian made website and where the logo of Aussie Authenticity proudly.



Yes! You can read plenty of our public customer reviews either on Google or Facebook.

Read Reviews on Facebook

Read Reviews on Google

Buying a Trayon Camper is a simple 5 step process.

Step 1: Find your perfect Trayon for your camping setup by filling out our pricing request form.

Step 2: Reach out to our team who will help you spec out your Trayon with optional extras and ensure everything is compatible

Step 3: Once you have decided on your perfect rig, we ask for a fixed fee deposit of $1000 to reserve your spot in the production queue

Step 4: Your camper starts production, and once it is nearing completion we will organise a pickup date from your closest dealer

Step 5: Get your camper fitted at the dealer and go explore Australia!

Yes – the deluxe and diesel deluxe has a hot water shower on the back and a portable toilet.

You can either contact your local Trayon dealer and go to their showroom, or come see us at one of the many caravan, camping and boating shows hosted all over the nation and the world. Check out this page for details.


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Discover No-Tow Camping Bliss!

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