another Trayon Overland Adventure
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I thought you all might like to follow the adventures of Trayon Owners Michael & Pam (from New Zealand) in Trayon #921...

You can follow them on the goannatracks blog:

They have just posted the first page of the vehicles being loaded into the container and they are not far off from posting the next installment on their blog as the container is about to land in Durban, South Africa to begin their travels for the next 5-7 years all over the world.


Trayon #921 is a very well kitted out Trayon 1980 Diesel-Deluxe with:

600W Inverter
Froli bed system
Drop down table
Inline Water Filtration system
Trayon Outhouse
Extra Underbody drawers
Auxiliary 45L water tank
Plastic drawers next to fridge
Lithium Battery upgrade
Among other things needed for overland travel...

They have chosen their 2005 Nissan Patrol (4.2L Diesel with many many upgrades) as the vehicle to carry their Trayon Camper.


Michael and Pam are traveling with Kym and Lyn who are traveling in their Earth Cruiser (Mitsubishi Canter)

This should be a great adventure for them all and we get to follow as they go Wink
Looking forward to following this adventure, thanks for posting the link. (tight fit into the container)
Hi 787TonyandJan

No worries on the link there, yes it will be alot of fun to follow them as the updates come through. Already I had a chuckle that Kym had to crawl back into the container as he thought he left his wallet in one of the rigs...

Yes the Trayon fitted nicely - they always do, but certainly that earth cruiser took all the room it could in that 40ft high-cube container, I think it fit by millimetres whereas the Trayon had mobs of room to work with.

Now we wait for the next update Cool
So do you have to pull out your front windscreen so you can crawl out after you drive it into the container??
Hi Preston

No you just leave open the windows and that normally allows for a "skinny bloke" to just crawl in. A high-cube container (in either 20Ft or 40Ft) is ever so slightly wider than the normal hight shipping containers Big Grin
Thanks for clearing that up for us. Must be a tight squeeze even for a skinny bloke!
Hi everyone....

They have landed and unloaded the Trayon and earth cruiser to start their trip...!.html

Some great shots of them traveling already - EnjoyBig Grin

By the looks of it (probably internet connection dependant) we will get daily updates of this trip because here is the next one already with some even better Trayon shots again...

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Yeah thats strange.... here is the link that shows the menu of the posts, theres 5 now do just click there to open and read (and look at the awesome pics Big Grin)
another update - great photos....



Friends of ours in South Africa saw Michael and Pam at a place called Berg & Dal. They spoke to them and they are enjoying their Trayon Overland Adventure immensely. Its a small world after all...


Have a look at their latest post as well:
What a fantastic adventure
Although im not sure how you,
A, pack up camp with a pride of lions watching
B go for a wee walk at night
I so wish i could do the same
Ford Ranger supercab
Custom fit fabrications alloy tray with 80ltr diesel headboard,
aluminum 185mm deep 2mtr long trundle draw and custom sideboxes,
Girrard hot water
Trayon no 350
Hi Tradey

Hahah - its lucky that the Trayon is so quick to open and close then otherwise the pride of lions would have a field day Tongue

It remarkable how simple and cheap it is to do an overland trip with a Trayon Camper rig. Best way (and cheapest) to see the world with your slide-on camper and vehicle that you know and trust.

The container to South Africa would only be around 5 Thousand Dollars or you could do a RORO (roll on roll off) from Brisbane/Darwin to Singapore which would be far less money as it is easier and shorter distance. In-fact that's how I would do it, start in Singapore and head to South Africa (anti-clockwise instead of clock-wise) thru Asia and Europe (drop by Trayon Europe offices in Switzerland of course) then hit Africa and knock it over in about 3 years as to not rush it. Obviously avoiding the middle-east and parts of Africa because of.... well you know why.

Ship back to Bris from South Africa in a container - or if your brave & keen - ship from South Africa to Cape Horn, South America and head to Canada to ship back to Bris. SEE THE WHOLE WORLD - in for a penny....

It is far easier to do it with a QLD vehicle as NSW rego has been an issue in the past.

You Only Live Once Wink

PS: they made a new post:
I'm still getting error 404. Link seems to be shortened?
(17-06-2016, 07:28 PM)JT789 Wrote: I'm still getting error 404. Link seems to be shortened?

Not working for me, either. Cheers,Rossel.
The links keep changing so I can only assume that they keep changing the tittles of their pages. Best just use this link to go to their home page and at the very top select "2016 South Africa" to view their latest posts:

hope that helps Big Grin

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