Camper 545 - no worries
We have had our camper now for 6 or more years and have done many thousands of kilometres all over Australia including 4 months doing Tassie "in detail", Gulf and Cape areas, a wide range of desert areas including areas around Lake Eyre, the Simpson, and most recently the Canning Stock Route. We are poised to do a coast to coast from Caloundra (QLD.) to Carnarvon (W.A.) through the centre. The unit has never leaked dust or water in transit, has been structurally sound at all times and the setup is quick and easy to the envy of other campers. (This camper has sometimes been in situations where other cars were breaking springs and even chassis work, but not me.) We continue to have faith in the unit and have found the design is very well thought out. On the Canning we carried 150 l. of water and 230 l. of fuel plus extensive tools and spares as well as food for up to 5 weeks. It was a science but was achievable. You can see that we are happy with our choice and would recommend the product to any prospective client.
Hi Gary and Sue, like pretty much everyone on this forum, you have found out how well built and durable the Trayon Camper is. We bought ours , second hand, after extensive research with owners we have come across over the last few years. If you would feel OK about sharing how you packed your vehicle/Trayon for those longer trips, I would appreciate it, as would others, I am sure. Cheers, Ross.
Hi Ross, we are a little overwhelmed packing for our current trip at the moment. We are happy to share some ideas and will try to communicate later in the week if we get on top of things here. Regards, Gary and Sue
Hi Gary and Sue, what ever you can manage will be fine . Thanks, Ross.
Hi Gary and Sue , thank you for your PM. Very informative. Unfortunately I am blocked from replying, apparently. Cheers, Ross.

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