Testimonial letters to Trayon
To Trayon,
Dear Sirs, I would like to commend you on your product. We own a "1980" Deluxe model slide on camper with a tapered back but less the hot water unit. This is an incredible camper, very light yet strong and importantly (to us) 100% dust free. Some of the many features , it is up of the ground and completely self contained. The fact that it fits entirely on the tray means you are not towing and can go any-where. The build quality is 2nd. to none, very quickly and easily set-up and put down.. We have been on most of the main tracks--Canning, Simpson,Gun-barrel,Gibb-river rd, and Cape York to name a few, with many more thrown in. Not a problem at all on any trip. In our opinion a first rate unit. We house the unit when not in use, we are quite careful (like very) and it still looks as new in spite of the 5 yrs. of use.

Regards Fred and Virley Grigg. Balaklava, Sth. Aust.
We bought our Trayon in 2009 and used it frequently across Queensland and NSW for a couple of years to support our camping habit.

Great if you want a robust unit that is self-contained, well configured inside and easy to set up. The unit is reliable – no problems with any components like the 3-way fridge or the hot water system; and the additional skirts enable you to set up an annex too.

Well up above the ground at night as well.

We bought it on the assumption we would be able to use it frequently – as it turns out we continue to work overseas a lot and are unable to use it as much as we would like. So we are passing it on to our daughter and her family – they also do a lot of wakeboarding so the Trayon enables them to tow their boat at the same time – pretty handy.

Steve Miller
19 July 2013
Hi guys,

Just a short note to congratulate you on your 800th Trayon sold.

You don’t have to convince me on the value and comfort and ease of use. They are just fabulous. A brilliant idea.

I bought a Diamond Seeker, Number 005, many years ago, 2nd hand and have used it ever since for Trail Riding. I have been to the High Plains in Gippsland several times, Flinders Ranges, Menindee down the Darling River on both sides to Wentworth, Portland in Victoria, Burra in SA. Off to Trentham, near Mt Macedon in Victoria on the 4th April, 2013 for a Riding for the Disabled Trail Ride for 6 days. It’s a Fund raiser. The people riding are not disabled. The Trayon takes all the stress out of the trips for me. I am 60 years old now, have Rheumatoid arthritis but the horses give me a reason to keep going. I can still set up and dismantle everything, set up the horses bed as well, so I am extremely happy with whole thing. People I meet love to come and have a look at the (box) Trayon and I know of one couple who do trail rides who saw mine and bought a new one. Very nice it is too.

I hope you sell many more and sincere congratulations on a truly superb product.


Carole Boeder


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