Trayon #812 Review by Ralph Bullock – 75 Years Young!

A Letter to Trayon

G’day Trayon,

In this letter, I provide a few thoughts and photographs about my Trayon travels and experienced.

After four years and over 110,000km with my Trayon sitting on the Mazda BT50, I feel well qualified to pass judgement.

For me, lifestyle is an important consideration. Mine has always been outdoor oriented, both professionally and for leisure. This has been enormously enhanced by Trayon.

With the Trayon on the BT50s back, I have covered long dirt roads, rocky fire trails, remote and corrugated outback tracks, sandy beaches….basically the lot, everything the Outback has to throw. At the end of each long day’s travel, the Trayon provided a dust free, waterproof, comfortable and quickly erected camping unit. Simply brilliant!

To pull over for a ‘cuppa’, or lunch, is always simple and easy. No need to stop at a cafe or roadhouse, because Trayon makes it all so easy, better and cheaper.

“The One Dissapointment? I Didn’t Buy The Trayon 10 Years Earlier!”

The very few failures I have suffered have been entirely due to operator error. Quick, efficient and reasonably priced repairs were carried out by the friendly Trayon Team. Thanks to all!

There are many slide on campers to choose from these days, and I’ve seen some spectacular failures! In my experience, Trayon leads the field by any measure.

Even at 75 years young, I’m still anticipating many more Trayon adventures. Melbourne to the Gulf following Burke and Wills is on the cards next year!

Many thanks to The Trayon Team.



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