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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How quickly can I set up a Trayon?
The first few times it will take you about five minutes. When you have the procedure down pat you can do it in two!

2. Do I need to take the Trayon with me every time I’m going somewhere?
Not at all! Once your Trayon is set up, you can remove your vehicle and use it for whatever you want to use it for. Trayon is supplied with wind up legs and stainless steel stability ropes.

3. I heard that Trayon is much lighter than other tray-back/slide-on campers. How much lighter and what difference does it make?
The Trayons models weigh from 370kg to 440kg – a couple of hundred kilos less than the fibreglass alternatives. Less weight means better performance on- and off-road as well as a lower fuel consumption.

4. Aluminium or fibreglass – which is the better material for campers?
Depends on what you want to use your camper for. Aluminium is stronger and lighter than fibreglass which makes it a good option for off-road travel and when weight is of the essence, eg. for tray-back/slide-on campers in Australia that sit on the back of a ute. If the camper weighs 600-700kg many utes will struggle with the weight when passengers and their luggage is added…

5. How big a water tank is ‘big enough’?
Tricky question. It is always convenient to have plenty of water but water is heavy and adds considerably to the weight of your vehicle. Trayon’s water tank is 110 litres which is plenty even in remote areas. The gauge allows you to keep track of your usage.

6. Dust is always an issue when camping in outback Australia. How is a Trayon protected?
All Trayons have double rubber seals throughout to keep dust and water out.