Grey Water Tank

Grey water tank (sink catchment)

The Trayon grey water storage tank provides a simple, compact and effective way to capture your grey water and reduce your chemical footprint while camping. Some camp sites in Australia won’t even let you stay if you can’t capture and dispose of your own grey water!

Anytime your camping and using a Trayon sink to wash dishes, clothes or other utensils, it produces grey water. Traditional practice was to funnel grey water straight out of the camper and into the bush. It was also traditional practice to throw your rubbish out the car window!

These days, our understanding of environmental value and protection has improved. We are producing these grey water storage tanks to encourage responsible and environmentally friendly camping.

After all, that’s what a camper is for isn’t it? To enjoy nature at its pristine best!

Key Features

  • Retrofit to previous camper models
  • 45 Litre capacity
  • Made of non-toxic food grade polymer
  • Can be drained through a tap at the back of the camper
  • Easily flushed through one inch bungs either side of the tank
  • Breather located up the front to further improve draining and flushability
  • Protected location minimises dust issues
  • Styled specifically for Trayon campers
  • Strong, sturdy and durable design

Impacts of Grey Water

If every camper releases their grey water on the ground or in the bush, it will build up and be washed into river systems by rain.

In areas of slow flow (like wetlands), grey water chemicals are trapped and can affect animals, plants and slowly seep into the water table. So we all rely on the goodwill of campers to prevent this and keep our environment natural and healthy.

Eliminate Your Chemical Footprint

The Trayon camper grey water storage tank allows you to explore pristine environments while minimising your chemical footprint.

It captures all used water from the camper’s sink, which means grey water chemicals are not released into the surrounding ecosystem, and avoids any grey water camping issues. No-one wants to be standing in grey water camping waste.

Is it regulated by law?

Some places like Canada, New Zealand and Europe have laws to enforce the capture and responsible disposal of grey water, so we fit every Trayon exported to these places with a camper grey water tank to meet their regulations.

It is not a legal requirement in Australia. However, some campsites have their own rules about grey water capture and disposal off site. It’s just good standard practice to try and minimise your footprint when camping in nature. Following good practice benefits the environment and all others enjoying it.

We don’t need more regulation!

There is currently some pressure on the Australian Government to introduce similar laws to Europe. The best way to show the government we don’t need extra regulation is to respect the environment and follow best practice.

If it is regulated in the future, our grey water storage tank will put you a step ahead of the game!

Where can I dispose of grey water in Australia?

Most camp sites around Australia have a dump point which is dedicated to the disposal of waste like grey water.

Most shire councils also provide dump points for travellers. You can find the location of dump points around Australia here.

In remote locations dump points may not be available, in which case the grey water storage tank allows you to responsibly release the water well away from river systems and pristine areas.

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