External Underbody Storage Drawers

A Perfect Solution to Store and Organise Your Gear

Trayon external underbody storage drawers provide a sturdy, sleek and accessible way to maximise your storage options and make sure things are always where you left them. Extra storage space will drastically improve gear organisation – a must when travelling in the outback.


There is nothing more frustrating when road tripping or camping, than digging around in the back of your car for that one tiny important thing hidden amongst the clutter.

Out of the Camper and into the Drawers

External underbody storage drawers are the perfect place to put gear that can get wet, dirty or smelly, which is not ideal stored in the living space.  


For example axes, shovels, hand tools (socket sets, spanners, pliers, hammers), pegs, tarps, ropes,  recovery gear (D Shackles, snatch straps, max tracks) spare parts, hoses, personal protection gear and more. Even fishing rods can be broken in two and stored until you see the bait schoals jumping!

Key Features

  • Retrofit to previous camper models
  • Draws extend the full length underneath the camper (1800 mm long, 335 mm wide and 80 mm in height)
  • Accessible from the outside at the back of the camper
  • Lockable
  • Protected location minimises dust
  • Styled specifically for Trayon campers
  • Strong and durable design
  • Smooth and sturdy sliding mechanism

What Comes With Your Trayon

The number of drawers you can add depends on your model of Trayon.

Standard Model

Standard models don’t come with any external underbody storage drawers, so it’s a good idea to add at least one or two if budget permits.

  • The 1830 model and the dual model have three spots available
  • The 1980 model and the duel-wide model have four spots available

Deluxe and Diesel Deluxe Models

These models both come with two external underbody storage drawers.

  • The 1830 model and the dual model have one extra spot available
  • The 1980 model and the duel-wide model have two extra spots available

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