Trayon Agent Spotlight: Victoria and Tasmania

Trayon Agent Spotlight: Victoria and Tasmania

Trayon agent spotlights focus on the history, experience and knowledge of our Trayon agents across Australia (and the World!).

The agent spotlight helps to demonstrate that you can trust Trayon agents to deliver accurate, honest and helpful advice about your camping and off road setups and adventures, because they live and breathe it!

In this agent spotlight, we interview Kellie, the owner of Melbourne Camper Trailers, who is the Trayon dealer for Victoria and Tasmania.


Agent Details:

Address/s: 2/1 Hogan Court, Packenham, Victoria 3810

Phone number: 0459 160 004


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Agent Spotlight

Melbourne Camper Trailers have been dealing in Trayon slide on campers since early 2016. They made the decision to enter the Trayon market for a number of reasons.

In 2014, the business took on a new direction. “At the time, we were looking for a quality Australian made slide on camper to add to our range”, says Kellie. “Trayon were known for a very high build quality, they were an Australian owned business specialising in Australian made campers, and they showed immense passion and belief in their own Trayon product.”

The rest is history!

The VIC and TAS Camping and Off Roading Community

Trayon’s reputation and passion fits well with the camping and off roading community in VIC and TAS. Kellie explains this community is also extremely passionate about their interests. And, just like Trayon, the southern camping and off roading industry has really hit its straps in the past few years. They’re so busy at Melbourne Camper Trailers helping everyone else go holidaying in a Trayon, that the staff barely get to go holidaying themselves!

“Two of the most common questions we get asked about Trayon campers include, (1) where are they made, and (2) how much do they weigh” explains Kellie. So naturally, the fact that they are the lightest slide on camper in their class available, and Australian made and owned, makes them very popular.

“Ensuring a camper is Australian made using Australian materials is one of the most important traits you should look for in a camper”, she adds.

Melbourne Camper Trailers Know Trayon Campers Inside and Out

To ensure the business is always up-to-speed with Trayon’s ever progressing features and abilities, Kellie owns one herself. Over a two year period, she’s onto her third Trayon Model! “Trayon HQ keep coming up with awesome features that, as a dealer, I have to keep up with!” She says.

In the Q and A section at the end of the article, Kellie provides her Trayon camping experiences.

Just like their Trayon customers, she is extremely happy with hers. “The most common feedback we get from our customers is that they should have purchased one years ago!“ She adds.

And when asked what she liked most about Trayon as a product, she responds “their light weight, strength and ease of use”.

“There’s nothing complicated about a Trayon!”

Honest, Well Informed and Reliable Camper Advice

Kellie’s knowledge and passion for the camping and off road industry, and her in depth working knowledge of Trayon campers, means the whole business is able to provide customers with the feedback and information they need.

“If a salesperson can’t set up their camper range in front of you, then it’s too hard to set up in the first place!” She explains. A problem no one will have with a Trayon.

Melbourne Camper Trailers decision to enter the Trayon market has paid off, and it promises to be a bright future down there in the southern camping and off road industry!

Kellie’s Q and A

Question: Where are you from and how long have you been in your current State?

“I’m originally from Latrobe Valley (regional Victoria), and now I live in suburban Melbourne. I’ve lived in Victoria my whole life!”

Question: How long have you been working in the off road camper industry, and what do you like most about this profession?

“I’ve been in the Industry for eight years now. I love hearing about people’s travel (even though it does make me jealous!), sharing destinations, tips and hints, as well as seeing how happy people are when they’re about to go on a holiday!”

Question: What did you do prior to working in this industry?

“I worked in a research and development laboratory, in a large contract manufacturing facility specialising in a variety of household products. The skills I used in that industry transferred well to the off road camper industry; being technically minded helps a lot.”

Question: What is your favourite thing about your Trayon?

“One of the best things about my 1980 Diesel Deluxe is how much space I have, and by far my favourite thing is the Diesel heating, as Victoria and Tasmania can get quite cold!”

Question: What’s your favourite off road tracks and camping areas in Victoria and Tasmania ?

The beautiful Victorian High Country, and the wild west coast of Tasmania!”

Question: What is your experience in recreational camping?

We’re always so busy helping everyone get holidaying in their new Trayon campers, that we’re the last to go on holiday!”

“Luckily, we made a rule when we first started the business, that we would close on long weekends so we can fulfill our love of camping too.”

“Every year over the Christmas break we head up to the Victorian High Country for as long as we can!”

Question: What was your most recent camping experience, what was your rig, and what was the highlight?

“Our most recent trip was last Christmas in the Vic High Country. We went in my Mazda BT-50 with a Trayon 1980 Diesel Deluxe.”

“The highlight was a nice little camp along the Little Snowy Creek, just out of Eskdale. I could have stayed for weeks!”

Question: What is your earliest camping memory?

“Camping on long weekends with family and friends, water skiing at Lake Glenmaggie. It’s still a once a year tradition!”

For further enquiries about Trayon Campers in VIC and TAS, contact Melbourne Campers Trailers using the contact details in this article.

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