#232 World-Expedition Adventure
Barry and Carol (the owners of Trayon #232) are currently traveling through the Americas. They return home to Australia briefly for a holiday (imagine that) and sent Trayon a compilation of photos from their trip so far before returning to San Francisco to continue on their epic adventure of exploring America and neighbouring countries. They asked if we could set up their Trayon Adventure Club Forum account and post some of the images so that upon their eventual return to Australia they can continue communing with other Trayon owners.

These photos are just a few of the places and sights that Barry and Carol have experiences so far. Starting their journey in South-America, they have trekked through all the way to North-America and Canada.

Enjoy - Admin


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What an inspiring collection of pictures. Noted a few interesting mods to #232 such as drop down external table, all-metal steps, checker plate reinforcing around the lid and high level vehicle rear lights with mesh guards attached to the Trayon. The TD5 Landrover Defender 130 would be a good choice for an extended journey like this with high carrying capacity and the sturdy rack over the cab. I briefly looked at a brand new 130 to go with my new Trayon but registration and insurance costs mean that my Trayon carrier must also be my only vehicle. When I'm not currently planning to spend all my time on the road away from home a land-barge like a 130 or even a trayback Partrolcruiser is not the ideal city car.
I notice from the pics that police or armed security forces seem to inevitably turn up wherever you are in South America. Still, the ones in the pictures look friendly and relaxed enough.
Talk about give a person 'itchy feet'! What amazing photos and thankyou for sharing them. I can't work out how people get themselves in a position to be able to do something like that - for us it seems like a far distant pipe dream. At least we have the Trayon, now we just need an abundance of time and money and we too would love to do a trip like that.
Barry & Carol,

Your trip looks amazing and is certainly inspiring. I was wondering how much trouble you had to go through with documentation and customs requirements...shipping etc.
Barry and Carol
Fabulous photos! Brought back some memories of our more conventional trip to South America. Think we would have liked to do it like you! Great set-up especially the external table - was it your own invention? Notice you are from Victoria! We are from Melbourne and have had our Trayon for 2 years now and just love it. Keep travelling and stay safe! Judy and David

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