Cape York 22
Just spent a few weeks up in the cape, this is our 5th trip so got to take my two sisters, there families and some friends. Travelled up via the CREB track, then through Lakefield and then onto the old telegraph track, spent a week north of the Jardine (did TI, Horn and Roku Islands) then Weipa and then home.
Its been quite a few years since we have done the Telegraph track so quite a few changes.

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Patrick and Karen
Good stuff Pat.

I wouldn’t be allowed to do those roads and crossings. We are currently on the way back from Cooktown and the Bloomfield track required some reassurance for my beloved.
While I think of it, top camp site south of Cairns is at Russell River NP near Bramston Beach. Five large sites with 100m seperation right on beach (no amenities).

Cheers, Chrisso.
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