First Trip
So we finally got away on our first trip away in the Trayon.
To say we are hugely impressed would be an understatement!
We’ve done lots of homework on both the Hilux and the Trayon, asked many (silly) questions along the way.
Both the suspension and tyres have been upgraded, and some safety and recovery gear purchased.
Our plans were to travel to a campsite about 240km north of Perth on the coast. When we arrived it turned out to be busier than Bourke Street.
Disappointed but not disheartened we drove on a further 25 km north.
We found a most beautiful spot on the ocean edge, the campsite sheltered by sand dunes and trees no more than 30 metres from the waters edge.
Once settled in, set up and a couple of glasses of red the Ranger pulled up and advised us we couldn’t camp there as it wasn’t a designated camping spot.
So we folded up the Trayon and travelled a couple of km back to the campsite.
It turned out the be quite pleasant. Sites were well spaced and separated, good clean amenities, and social but not unpleasant campers.
So we set up again, third time lucky.
A feed of rump steak and vegetables done on the gas cooker, washed down with some more red wine, made for a very pleasant evening.
Those steps aren’t as easy after a few reds haha.
One very obvious thing is how easy the Trayon is to set up, pack up again, and move on. Couldn’t expect to be as easy hitching up a caravan or trailer.
Overnight got to below 10 which isn’t cold, but in a tent you would want to be rugged up in bed. We both commented how warm it was overnight, how comfortable the bed was, and how easy it is to move about inside.
We are very excited about our next trip away.

Congrats #1166 on your first trip. We have just travelled down the west coast and currently luxuriating in Margaret River. Setting & packing up a breeze particularly if circumstances allow non use of the flysheet. We too were amazed by how busy places were despite being outside school holidays (although there appears to be parents pulling kids out of school to suit their travel timetables). You should find that the grey nomads follow campground etiquette. Some others think they are the only ones in the campground! Still great to get out there and experience our great outdoors.

Cheers, Chrisso.
Thanks Chrisso
The roads heading north up the coast were full of caravans and hire Campervans. Perhaps it was the first weekend of decent weather that drew a few out of hibernation.
Our ultimate plan is to travel the roads less populated, pull up where the mood takes us and make camp. The Trayon is just the thing.
Hey Janice n Gordon, if you want a good jaunt from Perth, loop north to go to Eden's Land NP at Shelter Bay near Steep Point. You'll realise why Trayon are so good on the way in. Top place. Once you leave, take Butchers Track to Murcheson, through to Cue, Sandstone, Lake Ballard,,, then south of Coolgardie, take in Burra Rock and Cave Hill. Come home via Holland Track. Nice couple weeks loop.

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