Madigan Line 2019
Hi everyone. We’re still on the move, slowly making our way home to the Blue Mountains. We recently crossed the Madigan Line from west to east and absolutely loved the experience. We drove from Mt Dare up to camp 5 which was our first night on the track. It’s quite a well defined track these days. It took us 4 nights via Adria Downs. This is where the track was close due to flood waters, so we made our own track heading south adjacent to eyre creek. Eventually we picked up some wheel tracks which led us to the main track once again. That was interesting. We highly recommend it. It’s definitely a highlight on this trip.
Love to see and hear more of this section of your trip when time permits. Its definitely still on my bucket list.
Hi David & Paquita,
Our recent trip of 7.5 weeks included Mungo National Park, the Flinders Ranges, the Oodnadatta track, the Painted Desert, Uluru & Kata Tjuta, West MacDonnells, East Macs, the Old Ghan Line, Chambers Pillar, Mt Dare, Old Andado, The Madigan Line, Birdsville, Innamincka, crossing southern Qld, Sunshine Coast, North Stradbroke, Tweed, Northern NSW and home (Blue Mts).
Even though the Madigan was the highlight, the West Macs and East Macs were amazing too. We really liked Alice Springs as well. 
The road between Mt Dare & Old Andado had sections full of deep bull dust and tested some cars as they came across. 
The flooding of Eyre Creek is amazing. Finding a new track beside the creek was entertaining. We met another couple travelling in the same direction as us (west to east), on the first day. They were always within 10km or so from us. We didn't see anyone else, so when we got to the creek and had to divert, it was comforting having them with us. We crossed Eyre Creek just before camp 22. Due to the flooding, we didn't get to camp 20 or 21. 
Another part of our trip which we loved was Palm Valley near Hermannsburg. It is stunning and the hiking there is great. In the same area but more remote is Boggy Hole. This spot is good if you want to get away from people.
In the East Macs, Trephina Gorge and Ruby Gap Gorge were beautiful. Really good hiking in the MacDonnell Ranges, both East & West.
The last part of our trip took us to North Stradbroke. This was a pleasant surprise. Very peaceful, tonnes of birdlife and we saw a koala. The camping is so close to the beach and there are good cafes and walks there too.
Definitely head out to the centre of Australia. It really is stunning.

Denise #945
Can't believe (assume) you went to Old Andado (My fave) and not Dalhousie which was on the way from Mount Dare;
Dalhousie Ruins
Dalhousie Springs

Old Andado
Looking back
We did go to Old Andado but no missed Dalhousie Springs because we approached Mt Dare from the north, that is, from Alice to Chambers Pillar (which is awesome btw), Mt Dare, then back up to Old Andado, then onto the Madigan. 

Denise #945
Yes, going that route it would have been out of your way a bit.

Chambers second time
We really loved Chambers Pillar. The campground there is great.


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