Melb to Perth via coast
First big trip solo (sans Barb who will be in Japan!). Hugging the coast all the way to explore the Bight and off road campsites, then SW of W.A. with some downtime along the way to soak up the beaches and do some fishing.
Leaving start of April then on to Perth to catch up with family. Planning to return via inland through Kalgoorlie and northern Victoria's Murray region. Then home to Mornington Peninsula.
Six weeks planned, but will likely take longer..... 'cos I CAN!!
Any advice/suggestions/recommendations welcomed, as will contact with other Trayon users who might be nearby on the trip.
Will try to post picks of 'Smokey' in her element!
Go Cats!
Stepped sideways from my beloved 2005 Isuzu/Rodeo (so reliable!!) to a 2008 Land Cruiser 79 series - just 'coz!
1980 Diesel Deluxe with annexe and single shower. (Should've gone dbl!!)

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