Victoria Big Desert
Here are pics of last weekend at the Big Desert in Victoria, our first outing, a big trip for a weekend, from Tassie.
Also spent some time on the border track in South Australia.
The camper performed well given the amount of rocking and rolling on the dunes.
Replacement springs and shocks are on the way and maybe airbags.

[Image: IMG_5677.JPG]

[Image: 20180827_184137.jpg]

A small video:
sounds good #580, that border track is surprisingly remote for its location. It could just be me but I can't see your pics. I can see the last ones you uploaded but not these. Can you check them?
I can't see the photos either!
Cheers, BiLL
Proud co-owner of #616
Sorry, been having problems posting pictures today.  It used to work but now I have to host them elsewhere.
Yes can see now, Thks. Your utube channel is great. Looked like great weather. You don't often see that many mercs together, looked like fun.

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