Victoria High Country Tag a Long Tour
I went on a 5 day, 4 night tag a long tour thru the Victoria High Country.  Our group of 8 trucks took some difficult tracks to get to Eaglevale Campground along the Wonnangatta River.  You could also take the Wonnangatta 2WD road from Dargo, but what's the fun in that.  Once at the camp, I took the Trayon off for the duration.  As I lost a bit of weight on the tail end so the Ranger had a few issues with steep hills and tyre spin.  If I were to do more of this type of 4WDing I would consider a rear diff locker as a future purchase.  We did Billy Goat Track, a bucket list item and many others.  A swim in the river at day's end was lovely.  It rained a bit on the last night so we took the easy/smart way out and not up the hill.  The Trayon worked it's magic; nice bed, cold beer at the end of the day and a lovely veranda to stay out of the rain. 

Click here for YouTube video:

Great video and fantastic to hear the Trayon Camper lived up to its reputation.  Does your ranger not have a rear diff locker (factory fitted)?  I thought they all have them across the range...

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I have a 2012 XP XL model.  Back then you needed the XLT model to get the diff locker...
Great trip 1039, some serious tracks and country out there. Agree on the diff lock I have one in my 2011 XLT and for a while it was an option on the xl. I've read of quite a few that do a diff swap from a wrecked XLT successfully. That might be an option to ponder rather than aftermarket.
Hi i have the factory rear diff lock on our ranger ,but i also added the elocker to the front diff,
I find the front diff locker makes a huge difference to the capabilty of the rangers off road

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Ford Ranger supercab
Custom fit fabrications alloy tray with 80ltr diesel headboard,
aluminum 185mm deep 2mtr long trundle draw and custom sideboxes,
Girrard hot water
Trayon no 350

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