fraser island cleanup and standown
    [attachment=2565][attachment=2565]We spent 6 nights in the Trayon instead of the planned 7, because of the weather.  Even in the relative shelter of Dundubara, it was windy (and wet, for the last few days). We used our-zip-on side wall for the first time and it was so much better than the old tarp, which used to let water in between tarp and Trayon. We actually spent the first night at Standown, east of Gympie, which was lovely and green (see pic).

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Great update mcburneys, the best thing is you were prepared for the weather. The zip on capability is the difference between a holiday and a nightmare I agree. It's a fantastic design feature of the Trayon.
Hi McBurneys

Fraser Island is a great place. I can't wait to get back over there

Have you got anymore pics of your trailer set up
I'm thinking of making a similar trailer for my Trayon 
How is it mounted to the tray

Cheers Andy
Hi Folks,
Sorry it's taken a while to answer this.  We have been busy.
The trailer was an old tipper trailer, 6x4 single axle, that I had had for years, and the body was rusting away.  I replaced the body with an aluminium tray from a hi-lux ute.  That cost a couple of cartons for the tray and a few stainless steel bolts and a couple of metres of steel U channel.  
When I looked at buying a camper, having that trailer with the ute body made the Trayon the obvious choice.

I then fitted electric brakes and extended the A frame. The electric brakes aren't legally necessary, considering how light the Trayon is, but it makes the whole thing safer on slippery descents.  That cost a few hundred real dollars, but I couldn't find any alternative.  I also added legs to the trailer to make it more stable when camped.

The Trayon dropped on to that ute tray neatly, with the only issue being the weight distribution. Note that the weight over the A frame will go up or down by 100kgs with the water tank full or empty.  In my case, as originally installed, there with too much weight behind the axle.  As a result, the trailer tipper locks released on the beach on Fraser at 60 klms an hour (see photo).  No damage to anything, but I did then redo the weight distribution by making a slight adjustment to the trailer body so it sat as far forward as possible to get more weight onto the towbar.
Oh ... and I beefed up the tipper locks a bit and added a safety chain.

Trayon #963 Mike McBurney

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