Teewah, Inskip Point and fishing
Hi Everyone
It won't surprise anyone that knows us we have been back to Teewah beach (Noosa North Shore) where I was lucky enough to catch a 85cm flathead that went back in to the sea after the photo was taken. We then moved onto Inskip Point opposite Fraser Island,camping in luxury and had a few visitors come to check out our van.            
Hi Guys,

Looks like a great spot and what a fantastic fish! I suppose it is to be expected that you guys would be back on the beach, but I did think you might have got a taste for some inland 4WDriving after the muster at Levuka.
Keep well, and keep using that Trayon!Smile

Cheers, Geoff & Denise
Trayon Camper 546 with plenty of custom features

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