Simpson Desert
We've recently returned from our Simpson trip & many thanks to Chenz & Ian who gave some welcome advise. You were both right about the Mt Dare/Dalhousie Springs section. At one spot we lost the exhaust system at the turbo so we were somewhat noisy after that. At that particular spot all 12 vehicles suffered some damage although all were able to continue with minor repairs. On opening the Trayon later in the day we found that the folding table stored between the frig & the door had slid out, torn the lino & opened the frig door, the clothing that had been tossed in at the last minute was soaked in a mixture of beer & youhurt! It's all part of the fun! All on a day when we averaged 10kph. The Trayon performed faultlessly (as expected) and we were the first in our group set up and ready for happy hour every afternoon and packed up ready to leave each morning.
At this stage we have no desire to return to the Simpson but that's mostly because there are many many more places to see. I have no doubt that we will return.
Wow. Tell us more.... We are doing the Simpson Desert in July next year, from Alice Springs, Chambers Pillar, Mt Dare, Dalhousie and across the WAA line. I take the Mt Dare to Dalhousie section is very rough going? Any other tips and advise you can give us? How many days do you recommend to allow to reach Birdsville? Thanks in advance and cheers. Michelle
Journey time depends on how long you want to drive each day. Some like 12 hours, we prefer 6 maximum. Either way you need at least a month away. Also, I do not know where you are starting from. The following applies to our journies from the Yarra Valley.
We have taken the Trayon on several Simpson trips, some via Birdsville. Last time we went that way it was a day to an excellent, grassy camp site at Robinvale (but do not take the free bus - tempting as it is - to some "Club", the name of which I have forgotten, across the river. Better off cooking in.) We had a cabin as we feared it would be cold but there are plenty of good spots. Site is hard to find if you use a GPS - so ignore it and just head along the main road to the border crossing at the river. Day two to Burra or thereabouts. The Black Sheep Italian café highly recommended, but Burra Cottages definitely not. Then it is two days to Marree, where there is a hotel, a pub, a campsite, and expensive diesel. The dirt starts several hundred kms short of Marree. You can then get to Birdsville in a day but Mungerannie is a beautiful stop half way (camp site on river - birds, including Brolgas, if you are interested) hotel. Big Red is easier than many, albeit lower, dunes!
Dalhousie a great swimming place but Mt. Dare not good - but little option.
We stay at the Big Four for a couple of days in Alice for a bit of a rest. Try to visit the Desert Park.
A spare spare is very re-assuring as some tracks, including the Birdsville are tyre threatening. Corrugations are often bad (people with wrong tyre pressures and/or trailers) and in places (e.g. Old Ghan track if you are on it) railway nails! Other spares depend on your ability to fit them. Fuel filter, air filter are two useful small bits. Our table went up in the air when I failed to see a pot hole and I destroyed the rear mudguard (Cruiser ute) when I reversed off a rock over my own mud flap (moral - pin them up or take them off).
etc etc etc
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Thanks for the info. We live in Cairns so are coming at it from the other direction to you guys. Going to the Alice first down the Plenty Hwy and then crossing from West to East. From Birdsville we are heading up North to Lawn Hill Gorge and Kingfisher Camp, then back across the Savannah Way to Cairns. Spending a week in Alice so we can do the Finke Gorge 4WD route & Mereenie Loop.

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