Trayon to Geosurveys Hill and the Geographic Centre of the Simpson
Just got back from 6 week away with a group of Landrover enthusiasts from doing a difficult off track cross country crossing of the Simpson Desert.

The Trayon performed faultlessly despite the extremely rough terrain and 1,300 sand dunes that we had to cross.[Image: d1Ny0v.jpg]
[Image: nLpQ0y.jpg]
[Image: SMihJe.jpg]
[Image: nQ6roz.jpg]

The early part of the trip down through the Renmark area on the Murray was wet and windy but the Trayon with its ease of set up had us warm dry and comfy.

As this was the Trayon and my vehicles first big trip I was impressed with how well they performed.

If you want to see a great thread about the trip go to the following link which is being loaded on by Bushie on the AULRO site. This has some great photos and videos of the trip.

Hi Chenz. Glad you had a great trip.
We met on the track near Purnie as you guys were making your way in. You were one of a number of trayons we came across this year. Quite often we dont see aother one anywhere.
I tried to have a look at the other site but was denied access. Never mind,you will have to put up some more pictures.
That was my seventh crossing of the Simpson and i will have to go back now and have a look at your new sign.

Hi Chenz, great to see your Land Rovers and the Trayon getting out there. We were away for a month in Qld in July but were the only Defender and the only Trayon in the group. Well done. I shall check out the forum thread . Ross.
That is phenomenal! Thanks for sharing Chenz... This looks like it was a great adventure for you guys and I hope you enjoyed every second of it! Have you got any more photos you can share?
(22-08-2014, 05:14 PM)ipch Wrote: I tried to have a look at the other site but was denied access. Never mind,you will have to put up some more pictures.
If you go onto AULRO and then go to the Trips Tracks and Schedules and then look up the Thread 2014 Edjits Simpson Desert Centering Tour or try this link instead
or just put 2014 Edjits into Google

Thanks Chenz
Very interesting read and great photo's.
It was also interesting to see you followed the same route from Renmarkthat we took.

Many thanks for the info & photos Chenz. We are heading off in 13 days (whose counting!!) & will be crossing the Simpson 23rd-29th Sept. We will be a group from drive4life who fund raise for the Northcott Foundation. Have a look @ & check out the amount they've's phenomenal!

Looks like a good trip. I would suggest a couple of things having driven some of the areas you will be driving. The road from Mt Dare to Dalhousie is the most corrugated road I have ever driven. It was so bad that it broke two mounts on my roof racks that then put a hole in my roof and shook the oil line off the oil filter on another vehicle that almost ended the trip.

Letting tyre pressures down to as low as possible helped but this section had us down to very low speeds as trying to get to the magic speed to ride over was impossible due to the size of the corrugations which were more like moguls at the winter olympics.

The desert is very sparse due to fires that went through there a year or so ago but still well worth the experience and doing.

I am not trying to paint a grim picture as we had a great time but some sections - usually the more traversed ones where persons don't let tyre pressures down and chop up the crest of the bigger softer dunes, can make the going a bit tough.

I am sure you will have a great time. The Trayon will love it. My wife was stuffing jackets and other soft items into the cans and grocery cupboards to stop them shaking around which seemed to help.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your report
As Chenz said the road between Mt.Dare and Dalhousie is terrible. However if you go through Bloods Creek you will do it in half the time. A much more senic route and both you and your car will love it. Have a look at the Federal ruins and other places sign posted along the way.

These are of the road in question
[Image: B1xsaV.jpg]
[Image: GQTnqc.jpg]

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