Toowoomba Show stand
I had some interesting clients at the Toowoomba show on the weekend - They like the camper!Tongue

Are they the latest clients?
Will they be attending the muster?
Were you using them as a prop, "our campers are light as a feather".
"You can waddle any where with a Trayon".
Did you make a goose of yourself?
Were they there for a gander at the Trayon?
:-) Smile it makes others wonder what you have been up to?  Rolleyes
HaHa - I was trying to come up a couple of one liners but there ya go! You never disappoint GlenBig Grin These lovely clients are not going to be at the muster but there will be cattle walking about at Levuka. Will make for some good conversation as I cook up a steak on the camp fireWink
When the cows walk past, don't have the song "Cows with Guns" on!

Patrick and Karen
I think the geese may have been a bit confused, they should have been inspecting one of the other manufacturers Slideons!
(You would have to be a bit of a goose to buy anything other than a Trayon!)
Trayon Camper 546 with plenty of custom features
Has anyone noticed that their orange bills and feet and grey feathers match the trayon campers logo at the top of the page?
(05-08-2014, 06:12 PM)Rover109 Wrote: orange bills and feet and grey feathers match the trayon campers logo

I did not pick-up on that - well done Peter. I should have capitalised on that.... Next timeBig Grin

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