Good camps
Do you know off any good camps port Hedland to Brooke

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Hi Guys

That photo puts a new meaning to travelling "down under" (i wonder if that is how Americans see us -haha)

I know of only one spot on that route but I personally have never been there. Either way its a private property stay and i'm always more willing to stay in places like that as it helps the land owner out so now and then.

This web site is great to help find a private property stay on your route and you can see all the details you need. Simply type in the area you would like to camp in the search box and it will list all the private properties in that area that allow for you to camp there. Well worth a look in:

And the property listed there on your path is:

Hope that helps not only for your current trip but also every Trayon's future trips....
Hi 777
Oops with photo!
Thank you for info will call in
.looks great!
Much appreciated

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