Trayon Camper #002
Thought you all might like to see some Trayon Royalty. Trayon Camper #002 is the second Trayon Camper to be made and it was sold in December 1995 (built prior and used as a demonstrator for approx 6 months) This makes Trayon #002 -- 19 years old!!

It came into the Trayon Factory for new gas struts (after 19yrs of use) and a camper fly to be fitted. It is completely original, right down to the canvas as it was made in the Trayon Factory. All the new Trayon Campers have the same make and grade of canvas (just different colour and design)

It has a bit of bush pin-stripe on the outside but other than that you would not guess the camper has seen almost two decades of travel and camping.

Shows how well thought out the original design was. Very nice to see, thank you for posting the photos. Ross.
Well what can one say?

As the trayon's of today are based on the same blue print as the first, what a great design.

Nice to know that "Adim" are as keen today as when the first one rolled out the door. We must all thank "Adim" and the original designer for our great campers.

I would love to know how many miles/Km's in total have all the trayon's travelled???

Glasses up to another 20 years.
:-) Smile it makes others wonder what you have been up to?  Rolleyes
What a great heritage! You can see how the basic concept stay true, more changes around new technology and finishes really. I have the same thought as Glen - how many adventures and kms must this unit have seen.

Wonder if it will make the Muster for September?

Rgds, Tony and Jan
The other question is how many cars has the trayon been on. Shows how good they are when the car wears out before the camper!

Mine is 6 years old and is number 2 vehicle, this one is 19!

Patrick and Karen
WOW that's so good to see a real piece of TRAYON history.
Did you talk him in to going to the muster?
I did let him know about the muster and he said he would love to go but was not sure about timing. I then had a visit from him at the brisbane show and met his sister who also owns a Trayon. His sister may be able to make it with her Trayon but Camper 002 will be in the Kimberlies at the time of the Muster for a good 3 month stint of barra fishing.
Hi 777, it looks like your P/R & sales man talk skills are failing you???
3 months barra fishing "Kimberly style" or muster????
Better luck next time.
:-) Smile it makes others wonder what you have been up to?  Rolleyes
Just saw this. Brilliant. Met numerous Trayons (Trays On?) on a recent trip. No wonder we all feel a bit special!
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