Old Trayon setup and mods
Hi folks, made a video for YouTube on setting up my Trayon and some of the improvements I have made. If your interested check out this link:
Hi Bob , nice little video. Good to see the older Trayons still performing well. Are your outside hatches original or did you put them in yourself? My Trayon, 074, has no outside access except the gas locker. I would like to make a couple of side hatches , rather along the style of yours. Any recommendations on technique would be welcome. Cheers, Ross.
Hi ya Rossel, glad you liked it. Ok with the hatches I used aluminium door seal extrusions, I got from our tip recycle centre, to make the frames. They came with nice rubber seals and were cheap. Then just cut some aluminium chequer plate for the doors. The hinges were some piano Hinges I got from Bunnings and the to lock up I used compression locks bought on Ebay. To make sure I cut out the opening in the right place I marked them out on the inside and drilled small holes in the corners. Then simply cut out the panel from the outside with a jig saw. The large hatch next to the entry door was a similar technique but I bought a commercially made insert on Ebay from a local caravan supplier. This normally would go in the other way around and provide a nice drop down table but since I carry my winch in there I mounted the hatch upside down. Pretty straight forward and comes with instructions. Hopefully this and my photos in owner mods forum give you some idea.
Hi Bob, thanks for the tips. How thick is the wall on the Trayon? I am thinking if I can cut a neat opening, I may be able to re-use the cut out as a door with suitable edge trimming. Perhaps some slim aluminium angle would make a neat edge all around the door? The al. door seal section sounds good too. I have examined the gas locker opening but it doesn't tell me much. Those compression catches are neat pieces of gear. I have used them elsewhere but had assumed I would go with the gas locker type, so that is a good reminder to think outside the square. Cheers, Ross.
Hi Ross, the panels are approx 8mm thick including the aluminium skin on the outside. I was going to use the cut outs as well but decided to go with the chequer plate because I thought that the plywood panel edges could be prone to getting water in them over time and rotting plus they would stick out too much with the aluminium door seal I got. Also the reason I chose the door seals was because they have a nice fat seal to stop water and dust from entering the storage areas. These seals are used in office buildings with aluminium frames and doors and are designed to clip into the door frame. So when they do office reno's these end up at recycling centrs.
Hope that helps
Thanks Bob, that's terrific. All I have to do now is summon the courage to mark and cut, that is , after I assemble the hardware. Cheers, Ross.

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