#792 Trip to Cape York
Hi all,

Since our last trip to Birdsville and Arkoroola we have been on many long weekend getaways including the get together at Nindigully.

We recently took the kids to the Cape during the June/July school holidays. We stopped in at a few beach caravan parks on the way up to Lakefield National Park, then went to Bramwell Junction to look at the start of the Old Telegraph Track, but the first creek was impassible unless you had a winch, which we don't have, so we took the bypass via the ranger station to Gunshot Creek. Camped there then drove about half the old track via all the falls to north of Sam Creek to the bypass back out to Bamaga Road. We went from there to the cape and spent a few days exploring the whole top end, then came back the Nolans Brook on the old track to camp by the beautiful clear creek and watch other four wheelers attack that crossing which is the deepest on the track.

Out of about 60 vehicles we saw cross, about 10% of them got stuck and needed a snatch, and got water up to the dash, about 30% got towed all the way through, and the rest made it solo, and about 25% of the cars that made it without stopping still got water inside. It was good entertainment to see the variety of preparation and skills. We had the prime spot right next to the creek and the action. While we were there many people talked to us about the Trayon and two took a brochure.

The main roads are generally fairly good other than the 700,000,000 corrugations and some washouts to look out for. There were many vehicles on the main road which made it a very dusty trip. The Triton and camper had no problems, just did checks on everything including climbing underneath every couple of days, and found no issues to fix, didn't get a spanner out.

We saw 3 other Trayons on the road and another who camped next to us on the beach at Bamaga. We told them about the forum and get togethers that are planned, but they didn't seem very interested saying that they prefer to do thier adventures solo.

One night we camped on a solid rock shelf at Hann River Crossing in Lakefield National Park and because we don't need to use pegs, we were able to get away from everyone and right next to the creek. See the first 3 photos.

Here are a few of the many photos of the Trayon in action.

Bye for now, Steve and Sue and kids.

    Hann River Crossing - Lakefield National Park
    Hann River Crossing - Lakefield National Park
    Hann River Crossing - Lakefield National Park
    Old Telegraph Track - Cockatoo Creek
    Old Telegraph Track - Cockatoo Creek
    Old Telegraph Track - Cockatoo Creek
    Elliot Falls campground
    Old Telegraph Track - original telegraph pole
    Bamaga - Loyalty Beach campground
    Bamaga - Loyalty Beach - fellow Trayon campers
    Near Bamaga
    Old Tele Track - Nolans Brook - busy time
    Laura Pub campground
    Mackay - Blacks Beach caravan park
Thanks Steve, Sue and kids for the trip report. The pics were great as always. Definitely a busy place that time of year. We head off in two weeks out west for 8 weeks, cant wait to get going.
I always enjoy you post Steve and Sue, fantastic photos as always, keep them comingBig Grin
Great trip guys and good photos.

Maybe again next year for us.

Patrick and Karen
Hi, we are leaving next week for about 7 weeks away. Leaving Melbourne and going to Alice via Marree, Birdsville, Boulia and along the Plenty to Alice. From there a convoy of 9 cars from the Range Rover Club of Victoria are heading across the Gary Junction to Newman, Karrajini, Mt Augustus, Wiluna, Gunbarrel Hway and down the Connie Sue to Cocklebiddy and home across the Nullarbor. Really only 3 stock up points so carrying most supplies for the whole journey, including wine! Should be a great adventure and love the Trayon, on its Landcruiser Tray, including its new diesel heater and drop down table which we had fitted recently. It is a joy to travel with and hasn't let us down in the nearly 3 years we have had it.
Judy and David Wilmot

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