#592 - Simpson - Birdsville - Alice
We recently completed a 6000k + round trip through the Simpson Desert from Birdsville to Alice Springs and return to the Sunshine Coast via the Plenty Highway to Boulia and then home.during this trip we encountered some really rough and dusty conditions and our Trayon performed perfectly. When we stopped each night and opened up there was never a speck of dust inside despite on occasion having driven through dust so thick that there was a need to have a gap of at least a kilometer between vehicles. Making our way across the desert we had some extremely rough tracks up and over the dunes and sometimes I thought that our vehicle and the Trayon were going to disintegrate but the Trayon is very well built and easily handled these conditions without even the most minor breakage. We have owned our Trayon for nearly five years and we have done many trips off-road and up the beach we had never used it for a trip like this. All we can say is "Well Done" Trayon and we always recommend it to anyone who asks.

Regards Rick and Erica Helsdon. (Proud owners Trayon # 592)

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