#792 First Trip - Innaminka, Arkaroola, Birdsville
We are a family of 4 with two kids about as tall as Mum and these are a few words and photos of our setup and trip out west.

We did a practice run to Cania Gorge from home at Gin Gin Qld to fine tune our setup, then headed off a week later on a 2 week trip.

In brief our run went through St George, Yowah opal town, Dig Tree, Innaminka, Cameron Corner, Montecollina Bore, Arkaroola, Farina, Marree, Claytons Bore, Mungerannie Bore, Birdsville, and Roma.

We like to stop at remote bush camps where possible or otherwise interesting places. We don't need electricity or water daily, just a top up of the water when needed. We did about 1100km on dirts roads and tracks including out past Big Red into the Simpson for a few sandhills to see how we would go, no problems, just let the tyres down. We got up both Little Red and Big Red with the camper on, and even did some of the harder tracks up the dune.

The Triton has the normal upgrades for remote touring with the only thing I did for the Trayon was an extra leaf on the rear springs to help hold the load level and keep it from bottoming out over big bumps.

The mods we did on the camper were: nothing on the inside; but on the outside, a small alloy door under the back next to the 3 under tray draws so we could keep the annexe and shower mats from sliding out, a home made shadecloth shower cubicle that hooks onto the rear corners and held out with 2 poles, and a standard tarp and poles that stands independent of the camper for extra shade on whichever side it is needed.

If anyone wants to see more photos or would like more dtails about what we have learnt about the Trayon, please don't hesitate to email me.

Cheers, Steve and Sue and Kids






hi steve sue and kids

looks like you had a bal on your maiden voyage, i love the photos. good to see som of the new owners trips, i like the new drop down table, might hav to call the boys at trayon and get me slef one of them. You are in for a lifetime of good memories with you trayon, keep the photos and stories comming ...
Thanks for sharing your photos, especially of the Triton conquering big red! That was reassuring as we have a Navara and thought the Simpson was possibly out of the question. I now have itchy feet for that red sand ,blue sky country. Cheers.
Thanks for the story and pics Steve and family. Looks like it was very successful. I noticed the essential ingredient for good cooking on the fold down table. Thanks again.
Hi Steve and family, Looks like a great trip! We are close by at Bagara, so good to know there is another Trayon in the area. We are will be out your way at Monduran a bit once it warms up. Rgds, Tony and Jan
That was a great trip you and the family had Steve. We are heading out to Innaminka this weekend for two weeks and are meeting up with our friends from Victoria who also have a Trayon. We are leaving from bundaberg, and are really looking forward to the trip.
Keith & Sue
Great set of photo looks like you had a good time.

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