Melbourne Freedom........)soon!)
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(19-09-2021, 07:33 PM)Chrisso Wrote: G’day Wraggy.

But will Qld and SA let us Vics in? Might have to focus on the Mallee parks. My favourites are Hattah-Kulkyne (Lake Mournpall) and Murray-Sunset (Pink Lakes).

Cheers,  Chrisso.
Yep, Chrisso! At the mercy of other factors, I guess, but right now even a weekend in Moe would be great!!
The walls are closing in...
Well! It looks like S.A. will accept the Victorians who are fully vaxed from Nov 23rd. That gives me a few possibilities based on previous plans. In the twixt, I will head off to the Vic deserts for a week or so, in between my 4X4 club trips. BTW, has anyone got a stash of cheap diesel for an old Digger?
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