Testimonial letters to Trayon
To Trayon,
Dear Sirs, I would like to commend you on your product. We own a "1980" Deluxe model slide on camper with a tapered back but less the hot water unit. This is an incredible camper, very light yet strong and importantly (to us) 100% dust free. Some of the many features , it is up of the ground and completely self contained. The fact that it fits entirely on the tray means you are not towing and can go any-where. The build quality is 2nd. to none, very quickly and easily set-up and put down.. We have been on most of the main tracks--Canning, Simpson,Gun-barrel,Gibb-river rd, and Cape York to name a few, with many more thrown in. Not a problem at all on any trip. In our opinion a first rate unit. We house the unit when not in use, we are quite careful (like very) and it still looks as new in spite of the 5 yrs. of use.

Regards Fred and Virley Grigg. Balaklava, Sth. Aust.

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