Visit to Trayon Factory
I just wanted to revisit what an excellent company Trayon is to work with.  Last week we had to visit the Trayon factory and we were pleasantly reminded of another reason why we chose Trayon in the first place.

We were having an after-market heater installed and arranged to be there when the factory opened at 7am.  Everything had been lined up and ready when we arrived and the work was competed as planned at lunchtime.  

It's always a pleasure to deal up with this company and the helpful and professional folks who, despite being flat out busy, are always willing to pause to share their knowledge and experience.  Thanks guys.

Jennie and Tony  (#789)
They are brilliant, aren't they?!!
So are the dealers. We use Melbourne Campers and Trailers in Packenham. My son also has his camper trailer serviced there. Fantastic service and first class care.
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