Winter in Switzerland
(15-02-2021, 09:12 PM)Mojito03 Wrote: yesterday we had 30k  away from us -44.4 °C  Confused Confused Confused
Yeah! It is cold in Melbourne today, too.
Down to 19o C. Might even go skiing.... Big Grin
Stepped sideways from my beloved 2005 Isuzu/Rodeo (so reliable!!) to a 2008 Land Cruiser 79 series - just 'coz!
1980 Diesel Deluxe with annexe and single shower. (Should've gone dbl!!)
(15-02-2021, 09:12 PM)Mojito03 Wrote: yesterday we had 30k  away from us -44.4 °C  Confused Confused Confused
Hi - I'd be interested to learn about how your Trayon is modified for the cold weather, compared with the standard Australian versions. I live in southern NSW, where we certainly get some cold weather. On one of my first trips with the Trayon we had an overnight minimum temperature of -8 degrees C, and water freezing in my pipes and taps caused damage. The battery is another problem, with the Redarc BMS30 refusing to charge the battery until its temperature rises above 5 degree C. There's no point in having solar panels if the battery can't accept a charge!

Do you have some sort of heating pads for the battery and the water tank?


Hello Chris

we don't go camping at -44°, it's too cold  Angel -8° to 10° is possible. In Switzerland it's not allowed wild/free camping in the most places Sad . You stay on a campground with powered sites.
In winter we have a ceramic fan heater, 2 sleeping bags for -20° and a exped megamat 15 LW duo mattres ( in the Trayon. On the floor we have a dog carpet for warm feet's. That's all we made in our Trayon. You see we are though but not sooooo though  Big Grin

Cheers from switzerland now in summer

Daniel & Anne Françoise
Daniel & Anne Françoise from Switzerland
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