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Freedom!! - #1076 - 20-06-2021

Vic lock down eased, new lithium set up and a two month trip planned for early August. Couldn't be better.
Off first with my 4X4 club to Nth Straddie Island for a couple of weeks of beach camping before two more touring outback NSW and the opal fields, then heading further west for another month on my own in outback Sth Aust. "Smokey" has handled this stuff before with complete aplomb. Less confident how this Twit will cope, but too excited to care.
Oh, the JOY!!

RE: Freedom!! - Chrisso - 20-06-2021

Enjoy. We exited Vic on 25th May via Far East Gippsland and just before it all hit the fan. Had not been in any exposure sites thankfully but still had to wait 14 days before entering Qld.
Paluma Range NP tomorrow as we work our way to Port Douglas for some self indulgence.
Sounds like you already had the right BMS for the lithium profile. No more charge anxiety.

Cheers, Chrisso