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#779 to Windorah - Leigh - 22-09-2018

The following photos are from my trip during April via Hughenden, Winton and Stonehenge and returning through Isisford, Longreach and Muttaburra.

These links are for some dashcam movies recorded during the trip.
Bladensburg National Park - 21min 10sec
Lochern National Park - 15min 22sec
John Egan Track, Stonehenge - 7min 25sec
Windorah Nature Drive, Cooper's Creek - 12min 09sec
Welford National Park - 29min 37sec
Mount Slowcombe - 6min 7sec
Idalia National Park - 27min 49sec
Starlight's Lookout - 3min 35sec

Bladensburg National Park
Lochern National Park
Cooper Creek
Welford National Park
Idalia National Park
Thomson River
Starlight's Lookout

RE: #779 to Windorah - #580 - 04-10-2018

Many thanks for posting the pictures and video.
What an excellent trip.
We hope to spend some time in the same area.

RE: #779 to Windorah - DnP#960 - 04-10-2018

Agreed thanks Leigh. The videos are great and is a terrific memory of the trip. You've obviously put a lot of effort in there. well done.