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Xmas 2017 to South Australia - DnP#960 - 15-01-2018

Hi All
Just sharing some pics of a few weeks over the Christmas break in South Australia.
Memorable stops in Robe, and Kingston. Then across to the Yorke Peninsula stopping at Tickera (great Gar fishing with family), and Point Turton for some wonderful coast camping without too many neigbours. Finally a few nights on family farming country south of Bordertown SA.
I'd encourage others to share their adventures as well.
South of Kingston
A morning on Gar
Point Turton
Corny Point
South of Bordertown

RE: Xmas 2017 to South Australia - #1277 - 15-01-2018

Spectacular.... so jelly right now (jealous) 

Thanks for sharing mate; so good to see.  Hope you guys enjoyed every moment!

oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   Big Grin

RE: Xmas 2017 to South Australia - #788 - 18-01-2018

Looks fantastic, We are off to SA for 4 weeks in Feb and have been trying to work out spots. Nice work work with the Gars. Did you pick them up fishing from land?
I've now chosen another few spots

RE: Xmas 2017 to South Australia - DnP#960 - 20-01-2018

Hi 788
No the gars were off shore in the friends boat in the pic, but we did get yellowfin whiting and crabs from shore at dusk.
It was our first trip into the Yorke peninsula and it's very Trayon friendly. Nice little camps hidden away and especially the west coast feels far more remote than you actually are. Some tracks are a little tight and sandy but for a Trayon that's great cause you know a big van won't be down the end of it :-)
There is a great permit system (we booked online on the way in after seeing the road side signs) where you pay $10 a night and there is a range of different camps you can use it at. So if want to move on, it's fine.
Couple other ideas in SA here depending on where you are thinking:
Keep us all posted on your travels

RE: Xmas 2017 to South Australia - #788 - 24-01-2018

Cheers for the tips..I'llpost afew pics when I getback.