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Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - DnP#960 - 16-04-2017

It would be great to share where we all were over Easter and / or Anzac weekends this year.
Photos highly desirable, for the view pleasure of all our members.
Let me kick it off, we were in cattle country just 20 km west of Corryong in the Kosciuszko foot hills.
Cool nights and mornings and quite warm in the sun during the middle of the day, just a great place to share with a few lucky locals.

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - Tony C - 17-04-2017

Hi All

Went to Copeton Dam with our sons Christopher and Michael the week before Easter to beat the rush. Lee-Ann stayed home with the grandkids.

No photos of the Trayon, but you may like this Murray Cod Christopher caught and released.

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - #1277 - 18-04-2017

Awesome idea DnP#960!!

Trayon Camper #777 joined #977 to Treasure Island Resort in Gold Coast, QLD for a "kids retreat" (needless to say - my camper was borrowed and I did not go with) I wish I could say that I went fishing like Tony C has but at-least my camper got out for a whirl....



RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - DnP#960 - 18-04-2017

haha, this is terrific, so far we have a mountain relax, a fishing trip and a kids retreat, keep them coming all. How many different uses are there for a Trayon over the holiday period.
Who's next?

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - #796 - 19-04-2017

Camping at Cloudy Corner Campsite, Bruny Island (National Park) accessed by a drive along Cloudy Beach, very peaceful at this time of the year.
The evenings were cool so we were trialling our new "Ezyspit" fire pit, the 450size fits nicely into one of our trays and only weighs 9 kept us warm.

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - DnP#960 - 20-04-2017

Excellent #796, I like that fire pit, Tassie is on our bucket list so ill be adding Bruny Island to the detail, thankyou.
So far we have 4 states in 4 posts. Any updates from the central or west?

Our Easter - and Trayons are TOUGH!! - JT789 - 21-04-2017

We camped in our back yard - literally.  We're on a rural block on the west side of the range in SE Queensland and I've tidied a space for a small campsite about halfway up -about 650m above sea leavel.  Marvellous spot for a couple of nights without having to travel very far at all!!  We had fantastic misty mornings followed by brief strolls with the binoculars.  Our gums are in blossom at the moment and there's a wave of new birds passing through.  Now for the rest of it...

To get to our site the track goes through a pinch between a large box tree and an electric fence.  I've driven through it many times with the Trayon, on a tractor and in a troop carrier - no worries.  But on Easter Monday, as we were driving down, the vehicle lurched into a new depression just at the right spot and the top of the Trayon on the drivers side contacted the tree.  The lid was twisted backwards and a gas strut was pulled off.  Two of the four buckles that hold the lid closed were ripped off and the threads on the other two were deformed irreparably. The long piano hinge was twisted at both ends and several rivets pulled out.  All four of the threaded tie downs that hold the Trayon to the tray were pulled straight and the camper ended up at a crazy angle on the back of the ute!!  We had been going very slowly in first gear low range 4WD!!  In spite of everthing the Trayon box itself survived with no serious damage.  It's still square although it does have a couple a new blemishes on its shiny finish.  Panic set in - we've got two more trips planned starting next month.

I made an early call to Trayon on Tuesday and Ziza asked us to bring it in on Thursday for assessment.  We left at 3am to get there as the workshop opened at 7.  Well - the guys were already **really** busy and in full swing when we arrived.  They've got a local show to set up and they're also weighing and loading units for Europe into a container as well as other units being prepped for interstate.  In spite of all this Stolz and Vernon immediately found time to help us.  After a thorough inspection a list of repairs was drawn up and agreed and a fitter from the workshop was diverted from his planned work to attend to us.  We went for a picnic at Noosa when we returned our unit was repaired and ready to roll.  

We have always been seriously impressed with our Trayon.  Not only is the unit really convenient in normal use, but we now know from our first hand experience that it's exceptionally strongly made to survive the mistreatment we gave it.  And - Trayon customer support is truly legendary and second to none.  Our camper was damaged on Monday afternoon and by Thursday evening it was back in our garage totally fixed!!   Where else would one get such fantastic service?

So big thanks to Ziza, Vernon, Stolz, Johnnie (fitter), AnnMari (hope I got name right!!) for sorting us out.   It was a team effort and Jennie and I are really grateful.

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - DnP#960 - 21-04-2017

Probably like most reading your story, I couldn't breathe, I just had to keep reading to the end.
A sobering reminder to us all, that the unexpected can happen at any time at all, even at home on your own property.
Very glad you were safe and that the repairs could happen so promptly. Of course it's yet another example of amazing customer service. As you describe this doesn't just happen, it's a very conscious decision by the trayon team.
Now that we have added a very special backyard camp to our Easter / Anzac post, I was thinking it would be terrific to get a WA, SA, and even an International Easter post to our thread?
The challenge is out there, who's up next?

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - #796 - 21-04-2017

Just interested in how you attach the two side awnings to your Trayon and what material are they made out of.

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - DnP#960 - 21-04-2017

Hi #796, we stumbled across some "front / rear awning screens" in a german supermarket chain in Melbourne who often runs promotions in all sorts of different products. But we realise now if you google the term in quotes above they are quite common in the caravan accessories stores.
They are std shade cloth fabric (90 % shade) and typically attach with velcro so we sourced the matching YKK zip that is on the trayon canvas (again after a little research into ykk products/ suppliers) and then engaged the sowing skills of the mother-in-law to replace the velcro with the matching zip and, bingo. We have three sides but only had two attached on this trip. happy so far.

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - JT789 - 22-04-2017

Hi 796, our side awning came from Trayon.    They can supply both mesh walls and canvas walls, with or without a floor, plus a draught panel that goes along the side of the vehicle under the steps. We have both sets and the panels are interchangeable - meaning we can have canvas sides and mesh front or vice versa... Tony

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - #796 - 23-04-2017


RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - Mojito03 - 24-04-2017


We have been in the west part of Switzerland called Jura.

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - DnP#960 - 25-04-2017

Thankyou Mojito03, that looks like beautiful country. Clearly Mojito was leading the way on your adventures this trip. And now we have added Switzerland to our Easter / Anzac post. Wow...

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - ryangus - 07-05-2017

We ventured up to Fraser Island for the week of ANZAC day.  Camped at Eli Creek first, and the convenience of the Trayon came to the fore.  We had just started setting up for dinner when 4 German backpackers stopped near us with vehicle overheating problems.  I couldn't leave them stranded, but the wife was just about to start dinner for use and 3 hungry kids!  

So, off with the Trayon it was (photo 1).  The young tourists were amazed at how quickly the Trayon legs were on, the rear suspension aired down, and the the Land Rover driven out from under it.  The Germans and I then drove the 30kms up the beach in the dark on high tide to retrieve their gear - 2 of the smallest, cheapest looking tents I've seen!  I'm surprised they even spotted them in the dark with only my little head torch as light.  Back down the beach we went, much to their appreciation, home to the Trayon, dinner and a beer Smile

After a couple of nights, we set off for Dawn Service at Waddy Point, but got waylaid when the narrow sand track tossed us toward the incoming high tide, causing us to become well and truly bogged (photo 2).  During my solo recovery, we had to improvise with our own little service looking out to the Pacific Ocean.  Luckily we got good ABC radio reception, so heard some sombre words and the Last Post.  Certainly one to remember!  I must admit, the incoming tide had me a little worried about toppling over the drop off, but that's what insurance is for Wink  Just quietly, the wife and kids weren't the only ones relieved when we were on our way again. 

Sandy Cape was our destination for the next couple of nights, (photo 3).  This is a much more isolated and peaceful part of the island, only accessible at low tide which keeps most of the island visitors away (including backpackers and tourist buses!).  The huge sand dune entertained the kids for hours.  The Trayon easily handled the rough sections of Ngkala rocks.

Finally, we drove to our final camp site at Awinya Creek on the Western side of the island (photo 4).  This part of the island is great for kids, as the beach traffic is virtually non-existent and the calm water is much better suited.

The last day saw us leave early for a long but interesting day driving some of the inland tourist tracks, all of which were easily accomplished with the Trayon, but possibly not possible (or as carefree) with a camper trailer.  The Trayon certainly makes this type of touring much more viable than if camping with a tent or other options that take a long time to set up and pack up.  Honestly, I don't think I would have bothered with our previous tent method.

Can't wait for our next visit!

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - JT789 - 08-05-2017

Hi Ryan,
Fabulous spot - We know the very top of Fraser Island very well because until recently Jennie and I used to do a one month stint each year as volunteer lighthouse keepers at Sandy Cape.  The sands towards the top of the island can be **really** treacherous, especially rounding the cape itself.  We've pulled vehicles out with our trusty troop carrier, or sent people back south for their own safety!!  Most newbies don't let their tyres down anything like enough or simply misjudge the tide.  You were lucky to get yourself out - I'd be interested to know how you did it alone - maxtracks?, sandbags?, hilift jack?


RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - Mojito03 - 08-05-2017

We love Fraser Island. Have been there 2 times, first on motorbikes (great fun Big Grin !!) 8 years later by 4 x 4. Whale watching at the beach was very special !!!!!!

Greetings from Switzerland Daniel, Anne Françoise

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - ryangus - 10-05-2017

Hi Tony,
Agreed - most beach mishaps occur due to operator error... including mine.  My mistake was risking a high tide run up the beach before dawn alone.  
  • Low tide, easy run - high tide, very soft sand and narrow track meaning little room for error.  
  • Daylight hours - high probability of passer-by.  
  • Travelling in convoy - help on-hand for a simple tow backwards. 
I really did know better, but perhaps got a bit over-confidant, again another common reason for mishaps.  Plus, I really wanted to make the dawn service at Waddy Point.  I was only about 3km from Indian Head, and other than this one tricky section, the rest was relatively plain sailing.

Anyway, when I came to a halt I was reluctant to 'gun it' off the drop off down onto the wet sand without knowing how firm it was, and not wanting to risk either tipping or getting bogged in an even more treacherous position.  Hence I braked, thus losing any momentum.   By the time I realised I couldn't reverse, I had bellied out.  Despite 4 Maxtrax and single digit tyre pressures, there was just too much sand under the vehicle to get enough traction.  Naturally, the only options were recovery by another vehicle( of which we saw none at that time of day and tide), or the ultimately successful method of 20 minutes of digging myself out.

You live and you learn!  All in all, still a great trip Smile

RE: Where did we all get away to over Easter / Anzac 2017? - DnP#960 - 10-05-2017

Great reading from all, thank you.
Hey Ryan, love to hear more about your "air down" suspension on your rig. sounds like a great feature.. Last LR I owned being a 1967 Series 2A LWB with a 186 holden engine arguably didn't have any suspension.. Smile
Perhaps even starting a new thread might work better.