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Cape York 2008 - Rob 'n Wendy - 27-07-2013

Hi Everyone, and thanks for the welcome Portal Pat Smile

Not long after we first got our trayon (2007), we set off on a 3month adventure to the Cape. We were increasingly impressed with our trayon, and became very attached to our new home ( especially when we nearly lost it)
After recent discussions with Vernon and Scoltz, I've been encouraged to share some of our experiences. Since reading of others adventures with their Tayons, I wish I'd done this sooner Smile

So, apart from short trips into the Barrington's or over to Myall River, our first major trip was to Cape York in August/September 2008.Each day brought a new adventure, so way too many to recount here, but these are the more exciting/nerve wracking ones!

Crossing Nolan's brook, OTT

Gun Shot
Getting out of Palm Creek
Pascoe river
                                        and the Trayon didn't move at all!

All for now, safe travels

RE: Cape York 2008 - 787TonyandJan - 27-07-2013

Thanks for sharing Rob 'n Wendy, that trip is something we aspire to.

RE: Cape York 2008 - fastpostie - 27-07-2013

Thanks for sharing the great photo's. Some exciting moments there.

RE: Cape York 2008 - portal pat - 29-07-2013

Great to see some "wheels up" action there.