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Dual Cab Trayon Camper

Your Guide to Dual Cab Slide-on Campers

Dual Cab Trayon Camper

What is a Dual Cab Slide-On Camper?

A dual cab slide-on camper is a detachable, mobile living space that fits on the back of a dual cab ute with a tray designed to comfortably house up to five people without the need to tow.

These campers stand out by offering quick setup and enhanced comfort with caravan-like features such as walk-in sleeping areas and kitchens.

While canopies with rooftop tents are cheaper and sometimes can offer nimbleness off-road, slide-on campers are purpose-built to bring a different level of convenience and home-like amenities.

Key Features include:

  • Detachable and free-standing (for storage and camping)
  • Super quick setup
  • Walk-in sleeping area (and often kitchen)
  • Sleeps up to 4
  • No extra rego
  • Caravan Conveniences built-in (battery, solar, heating, hot water etc)

dual wide trayon camper from behind on a ute

Who is a Dual Cab Slide-On Camper For?

There are two categories of why people choose a dual cab slide-on camper over a single cab:

  1. Some people don’t want to give up the versatility of a dual cab ute (perhaps an existing vehicle). You have more cabin space and room for passengers than a single cab. But they don’t necessarily need to accommodate extra people while camping. The downside is most dual cab campers have a slightly smaller interior than a single cab / extra cab camper and often have diminished features or capacities compared to their single or extra-cab counterparts.
  2. Other people buy dual cab campers to accommodate a small family of up to 5 (depending on the camper configuration).

If you only need space for 2-3 people but prefer the larger camper layout of the single cab camper and yet keep the versatility of a dual cab ute, see our chassis extension article for a possible alternative solution.

Understanding the Trayon Dual Wide

The Trayon Dual Wide slide-on camper is a testament to Trayon’s innovative approach to maximising comfort and utility in dual cab utes. This model is specifically designed with a unique cutaway feature that allows it to extend up and over the headboard/cab of the vehicle, effectively utilising the space to offer the same internal bed size as its single cab counterpart, the “Trayon 1980”.

This design means that from the waist up – occupants enjoy identical dimensions to the 1980 model, including bed, windows and canvas size. However; the adaptation to fit dual cab utes means there is a reduction in floor space due to the dual cab’s inherently shorter tray.

This model requires a tray length of 1700-1800 mm, accommodating even larger dual-cab vehicles with the necessary wheelbase.

The external width of the camper is 1980 mm, ensuring a snug fit for a variety of dual cab sizes and it’s designed to ensure the majority of its weight is loaded (fridge, batteries, gas bottle etc.) forward on the vehicle’s rear axles to maintain balance and safety.

Dual cab and single cab ute with Trayon camper on beach

Trayon Dual Wide vs. Trayon 1980 (Single Cab) Slide on Camper

The Trayon Dual Wide, unlike traditional caravans or motorhomes, offers unparalleled mobility without the hassle of towing.

Its compact size does not sacrifice interior amenities; the base model is equipped with a 100-litre fridge/freezer, a 120 amp AGM battery, a 95-litre water tank, and a 9-kilogram gas bottle, matching the single cab offering Trayon 1980’s offerings.

While the camper’s shorter tray space results in less cabinet storage, it cleverly compensates with more bench space, which can be converted into an additional bed, comfortably sleeping more occupants—ideal for families.

All this is a feat worth celebrating in the slide-on camper industry as most other companies have to diminish not just their internal storage space to accommodate a shorter tray for a dual-cab but they also end up having to diminish the capacities and features.

Trayon designed its dual-cab model to have the same specs as its larger single/extra-cab model counterpart (100-litre fridge/freezer, a 120 amp AGM battery, a 95-litre water tank, and a 9-kilogram gas bottle) as well as the upgrade options and the optional extras to be able to go on both models (Trayon 1980 and Trayon Dual-wide).

As a cherry on the cake; the Trayon Dual-Wide is the only class 2 slide on camper in Australia that can sleep 4 inside!  The Trayon 1980; although being a larger camper (intended for longer trays) can have its lounge table drop down and make a third bed for 3 persons sleeping inside.  Whereas the Trayon Dual-wide has this feature but also the additional advantage of a 4th bed that can be made once the cooktop is removed – on the nice big kitchen bench.  Yes it’s smaller but it sleeps more!

This makes sense when you can transport 4 people in a dual-cab ute, you can sleep 4 inside a Trayon Dual-wide dual cab camper.

Trayon Dual Wide vs 1980 floor plan comparison

Safety, Payload, and Vehicle Requirements

When exploring options for a dual cab slide-on camper, it’s common to focus on “features.” Yet; the typical 1-tonne ute in Australia (e.g., Hilux, Ranger, BT-50, D-Max) comes with a crucial limitation: its payload capacity, which varies by manufacturer and model. The “dry weights” of different dual cab campers on the market can significantly consume your payload capacity as can any additional vehicle accessories, luggage, and passengers you plan to carry. These factors can quickly accumulate, potentially exceeding your vehicle’s payload limit which may void insurance and pose safety risks. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully calculate your payload capacity before selecting a dual cab camper. For guidance on how to do this, refer to our article, “Slide-On Camper Weights Explained.

The Dual Wide model starts at a weight of 390 kg for the standard version with the Deluxe at 427 kg and the Diesel Deluxe (the most popular) at 445 kg. Although these weights are generally within the payload capacities of most 1-tonne utes, we still recommend getting a GVM upgrade. This is because most stock suspensions as configured straight from the showroom, are not designed to support a dynamic load off-road; they’re intended for light-duty on-road use. For more information on this topic, please see our article, “Do I need a suspension upgrade for a slide on camper?”.

Also study carefully what is included in the stated dry-weight of other slide-on campers as often it does not include the whole ‘kit & kaboodle’.  Trayon Campers have had it down pat since 1994 and this shows as we include in our dry-weight things that you need like the legs to free-stand the camper, a mattress, a water tank and pump, fridge, battery and battery charger, lounge table and chairs… even the kitchen sink – Just to name a few – other brands have these as additional extras while the weights of these extras are not included in the initial dry-weight calculations of the camper itself.


In summary; dual cab slide-on campers blend the ruggedness needed for Aussie off-road adventures with the comforts of home. Whether it’s leveraging the versatility of your dual cab ute or accommodating a family adventure, the Trayon Dual Wide exemplifies how you can enjoy the best of both worlds. These campers offer the convenience of caravan-like amenities without the hassle of towing, making every trip more enjoyable.

Keep in mind the importance of matching your vehicle’s payload capacity with your camper choice and consider any necessary modifications like a suspension upgrade for safety. With the right setup, your dual cab slide-on camper becomes not just a travel companion but a gateway to unforgettable outdoor experiences. Venture into the wild with confidence knowing you’re well-equipped for comfort and adventure.


Can you put a slide-on camper on any dual cab ute?

A slide-on camper, only suits tray-back dual cab utes. You must ensure the tray length and width and vehicle payload can accommodate the requirements of the camper. For utes with a ‘tub’ on the back, the camper is called a ‘slide in camper’.

Do dual cab slide-on campers have ensuites?

The Trayon Dual Wide does not feature a dedicated ensuite INTERNALLY due to space constraints, focusing instead on maximising living and sleeping areas with a cab over design. However, there is a hot water shower with a privacy shower booth attached to the rear of the camper (model and options dependant)

What’s the lightest dual cab slide-on camper available?

The Trayon Dual Wide starts at 390 kg making it one of the lightest and most feature-packed options in its category for a complete walk-in camper with a large living space, double bed and lounge area.

How do you maintain and store a dual cab slide-on camper when not in use?

The camper can be detached in just a few minutes and free-stand on legs provided. Making it ideal to store in sheds, garages and driveways off the ground. In terms of maintenance, you really only need to plug it in to maintain the battery charge from a standard wall outlet (240v)

Do I need a GVM or suspension upgrade to put a slide-on camper on my dual cab ute?

Depending on your intended use, you might consider a constant load suspension upgrade. If you are buying a new ute, checkout our full 5 part series on how to choose a ute for a slide on camper.

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