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Was a Second Trayon Camper The Right Choice? 19,000Kms Later

Written by Lisa & Graham, current owners of Camper #1136. And previous owners of Trayon Camper #676.

Last year we gave reasons for purchasing a second Trayon after a period when we travelled in different Landcruisers with a roof top tent. See those reasons our customer showcase here.

Now nine months later and having travelled 19,000 kms though Hay River, Madigan, Plenty, Tanami, Kimberley, Pilbra, Outback Way and much more,  was it the correct choice to meet our requirement for comfortable, sustained camping in remote bush locations?

Our older 2009 Trayon was a deluxe 1830. This one is a 1980 diesel deluxe with accessories. This Trayon features many enhancements, now standard, over our earlier model. The extra width, particularly the space next to a  refrigerator that no longer requires the vehicle to be perfectly level to function efficiently, the diesel heater, battery management system and LED lighting add to the practicality of the unit.

Of the accessories added, each would be purchased again. The least expensive, but could be a life saver under certain conditions, was the remote water pick up hose used to shower from an alternate source to  the “good” potable water in the trayon tank. A jerry can can be refilled from alternate water sources when available.

Here’s a quick little video of our adventure:

Trayon #1136 Graham & Lisa – Our Second Trayon 

The 2,000 watt inverter coupled to a 200 amp lithium battery provides both 240 and 12 V power to charge a  computer, iPads, cameras and telephones as well as power some 240v appliances ie a toaster. It will power an espresso machine, but that is left at home. 

The inverter was fixed in the space next to the refrigerator, a different position to normal, because of its late addition during build, but it is ideally suited for us because of its accessibility without fully opening the Trayon.

The Trayon out house double with solar panel provides sufficient power for extended camps.  The two extra drawers mean easy access for additional smaller items such as tools, recovery, fishing and camping equipment.

Despite the corrugated gravel roads, tracks and cross country travel to reach remote locations the unit is as structurally sound as when purchased. There has been no dust ingress inside and occasionally a little dust on the privacy bathroom curtin caused by  the vortex effect when driving.

Having the slide on camper has not inhibited where we go. The convenience during inclement weather of having all cooking, eating and sleeping requirements inside the Trayon; it being insect free, warm in cold weather and being able to charge all of our appliances have added greatly to our travelling and bush camping convenience. While some camper trailers would provide similar comfort; their set up time, towing inconveniences and having to leave it behind to access certain terrain rules that option out for us.

 So the answer as to whether it was the correct purchase is a definite YES

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