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Feel The Breeze With Trayon’s Fly Outrigger System

Feel the breeze and stay dry with Trayon Camper’s latest innovation: the Camper Fly Outriggers. Perfect for adventurers who refuse to let rain dampen their experience, this accessory offers the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.

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So.. What is a Fly Outrigger?

The outrigger system is made up of 4x custom made flanged rod holders that attach to the roof of the camper, so when the roof flips open the flanges are ready to hold 4x flexible metal rods.

Once open this system is designed to tension the Trayon Camper Fly allowing you to have the fifth bed window open for airflow in the canvas canopy.

Trayon Ute Camper Free standing on beach

Immediate Benefits of the Camper Fly Outriggers:

  • All-Weather Ventilation: Enjoy airflow without rain intrusion;
  • User-Friendly: Simple setup, even for solo adventurers;
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for all Trayon Campers, new and retrofitted.
  • Helps attach the fly if you’re ‘vertically challenged’: By allowing you to attach the rods on the roof before you flip it, you can hook the fly up from a lower point.

Who Benefits the Most?

  • New Trayon Customers: Perfect for those who value ventilation and view without compromise;
  • Owners of Older Models: Bring new life to your trusted Trayon Camper with modern functionality.
  • Solo Travellers: Easy setup means no extra hands are needed;

From Proof of Concept > Prototype > Production Ready

Not one Trayon is used the same as the next, they are used in a wide range of terrains, from Canadian Rockies in the snow, the tropics of northern QLD to the Simpson desert, Africa and everywhere in between.

Every customer requires different features and functions to suit their camping application.

Trayon has used the same tried and tested platform since 1994 with a few modern enhancements. Much of our research and development has gone into accessories and features that last as long as our campers do and stand up to the rigours of the Australian Outback.

Trayon’s commitment to continuous improvement has led to the development of the Camper Fly Outriggers over several iterations. Meticulously tested in Australia’s toughest conditions with our test fleet, these Outriggers are not just an accessory but a necessity for any camper facing unpredictable weather.

They have been refined to deliver unmatched performance in a broad range of environments and weather conditions.

Design Evolution of Camper Fly Outriggers:

  • Field-Tested: Each design has been put through the rigours of the Australian climate;
  • Iterative Improvement: The current design is the result of multiple refinements;
  • Proven Durability: Withstands heavy rain and the diverse conditions of Australia.

Features of the Outriggers

The Camper Fly Outriggers are an innovation that revolutionises how campers enjoy their Trayon. By extending the camper’s functionality, they provide a dual advantage of increased airflow and additional protection from the elements.

Features of Camper Fly Outriggers:

  • Enhanced Ventilation: Allows airflow without letting rain in;
  • Easy Installation: Custom-made flanged rod holders make setup a breeze;
  • Robust Materials: Durable metal rods tension and secure the camper fly out.

Trayon Camper open on a Toyota Hilux Extra Cab

A Breath of Fresh Air – Open Your Window

No one likes a humid steamy tent when it is raining cats and dogs outside.

These Outriggers ingeniously enable the bed window to remain open during rain, facilitating airflow while keeping the interior dry. They represent a thoughtful design response to Australia’s unpredictable weather patterns to help enhance your night’s sleep.

Retrofit Camper Outriggers:

Owners of existing Trayon Campers will enjoy the fact that the Camper Fly Outriggers are not just for new models. These accessories are designed to retrofit seamlessly, adding value and functionality to their current setup.

DIY Installation: Fitting Your Camper with Outriggers

Once you purchase your Outrigger, we will provide an easy guide for DIY installation. Installing Camper Fly Outriggers is straightforward, with instructions that ensure a secure and proper fit. And our support team is only a call away.

DIY Installation Guide Includes:

  • Self-fitting kit: Comes with everything you need to install yourself
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Clear and detailed for easy understanding;
  • Visual Diagrams: To assist with the correct placement and setup;
  • Customer Support: Trayon’s team is ready to help if you encounter any issues.

Secure Your Camper Fly: Utilising Anti-Flap System

To ensure the Outriggers remain stable, Trayon recommends the use of an anti-flap system built into the Camper Fly and the purchase of a shock cord system. This can be purchased directly from approved vendors or Trayon itself. You can purchase the Tarp Tie 4 Pack from The Original Shock Loc.

This will allow you to tie your camper fly down to the metal ring loops provided which will just help stop any flapping when the wind wants to get a flap going.

It is important not to over tighten these cords as they will put too much pressure on the fly and damage it, only light pressure at the edge of the fly where the cords attach are slightly angled down and is enough to stop it from flapping.

Other Trayon Camper Accessories

Beyond the Camper Fly Outriggers, Trayon offers an extensive range of accessories for both new and old Trayon Campers, designed to maximise the functionality and meet your camping needs. This includes remote control electric assist opening, solar panels, lithium battery upgrades, water tanks and so much more.

Take a look at some of the accessories available and reach out to our team for compatibility and retrofittable accessories.

Trayon Slide on Camper Free Standing on Beach by Shore


The Trayon Camper Fly Outriggers is another great accessory which helps you maximise the utility of your camper so you can enjoy nature without nature taking away your enjoyment! It’s a great way to increase airflow even in adverse weather conditions.

For more information or to add this system to your camper, reach out to us via email at or consider including it in your new camper order for seamless integration during production.

Note: Always defer to your weather forecast and avoid really adverse weather where possible. Also be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the fly stays under tension.  If the wind exceeds 15 km/hr or if gusts of wind are prevalent – it is advised you remove your fly.  The Trayon fly outriggers can not be used in conjunction with an annex.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Camper Fly Outriggers be installed on existing Trayon models?

Absolutely, the Camper Fly Outriggers are designed to be compatible with existing Trayon Camper Fly. They can be retrofitted, allowing previous Trayon camper owners to upgrade their setup and enjoy the enhanced functionality and comfort that these accessories offer.

What are the benefits of retrofitting your Trayon camper with Camper Fly Outriggers?

Retrofitting your Trayon Camper with Camper Fly Outriggers adds a new dimension to your camping setup. It gives you increased protection from the sun and rain, creating a more versatile space for cooking, socialising, or relaxing. This upgrade can significantly improve your overall camping experience, especially for extended trips.

Are there any other essential accessories available for Trayon campers?

Trayon Campers can be outfitted with a range of accessories to suit any adventurer’s needs. From the Trayon Fly Extension for extra weather protection to the External Kitchen Bench for convenient meal preparation and the Electric Legs for easy setup, there’s an accessory to enhance every aspect of your Trayon camping experience.

What installation guides are provided for the DIY fitting of Camper Fly Outriggers?

Trayon provides comprehensive installation to fit the Camper Fly Outriggers to your existing camper. These guides include step-by-step instructions and visual diagrams to ensure a correct and safe setup.

Additionally, Trayon’s customer service team is available to assist over the phone should you encounter any difficulties during installation.

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