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Trayon Fly Extension


Trayon’s camper fly extension is a great option for new or current Trayon owners looking to make their camping rig even more adjustable and comfortable.

Primarily, it allows you to increase the size of the awning. But it allows you to do so in a number of adjustable ways. For example you can attach extra fly sheets to the awning extension to act as side walls, or to be stretched out flat and further expand the awning size.

This allows you to adjust your camp to most conditions the Outback will throw at you!


Although the Australian sun plays a big part in making this country the envy of the world, it can also create havoc while camping in the Outback. As a result, shade is usually one of the top priorities in a campers mind. The best shade in a camping area is normally found by driving round’ and round’ in circles, often to find the ideal spot is already taken anyway.

The second unrelenting thorn in a camper’s side is the wind, blowing underpants through the neighbour’s open air kitchen, gracefully sprinkling sand over freshly fried fish, and snuffing out dinners flame.

Trayon’s camper fly extension defeats both problems.


The Trayon is your foundation to build a camp which is comfortable in any conditions.

When the camper is folded out, the fly extension is attached by sail track underneath the outside edge of the awning, and next to where the awning poles/legs fold out. As a result, it cannot be used in conjunction with a camper annex end wall, which is blocked when the fly extension is attached. Awning side walls on the other hand are fine to use in conjunction with the fly extension.

From the point of attachment, the main piece of the camper fly extension shoots three metres out, using tent poles to keep it tight and upright. You can also remove the poles and angle the end of it to the ground to create a large windbreak (if the wind was coming from that side of your camp).

The fly extension allows you to zip on another two fly sheets, made from the same material, onto each side of the extension centrepiece. You could angle them both up to create a nice big shaded area, or angle them both down to the ground to enclose the extended awning. Or, you could mix it up a bit, and set one down to create a windbreak on one side and leave the other up as shade on the other side.


  • Designed to suit Trayon campers
  • Strong heavy duty rip stop material
  • Light filtering fabric as to not darken the shaded space
  • Fully adjustable to suit conditions
  • Quick set up and pack up
  • Retrofittable
  • Robust eyelets, seams, poles and zips

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