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Trayon Agent Spotlight: Southern New South Wales


Trayon agent spotlights focus on the history, experience and knowledge of our Trayon agents across Australia (and the World!).

The agent spotlight helps to demonstrate that you can trust Trayon agents to deliver accurate, honest and helpful advice about your camping and off road setups and adventures, because they live and breathe it!

In this agent spotlight, we interview Peter, the owner of Camperact, the Trayon dealer for southern New South Wales.


Address/s: 1/9 Maxwell Place NARELLAN NSW and CHIFLEY ACT

Phone number: (02) 4624 9911


Facebook Page:



Camperact have been dealing in Trayon slide on campers for a number of years.

Peter, Catherine and the Camperact team know first-hand how challenging Australian conditions can be. That’s why they prefer to work with equipment that is reliable and built by Australians for Australia’s harsh conditions. They offer a wealth of product knowledge and experience in outback and offroad travel that they use to assist people in selecting the most suitable camper for their exploration needs and budget.”

Their motto?

“Camperact: The people you see if you need help to get your camper act together.”


When asked about the NSW and ACT camping and off road community, Peter’s answer is an obvious sign he has his finger on the pulse.

“The camping and off-road community in NSW and the ACT is particularly strong. NSW has the largest number of registered campers and 4WDs of any state. 4WD NSW & ACT has the largest number of clubs of any state association and runs its own 4WD and Camping show annually.”

“The number of campers on the market has grown significantly with the increasing sales of 4WDs and SUVs. This is good as it indicates a desire to get outdoors and explore our great country. There are now more imports and choices than ever. This can confuse and bewilder the prospective camper owner and makes informed selection more difficult. Just because a camper has checker plate and off-road stickers does not mean it is suitable for Australian conditions. Camperact is here to assist prospective owners choose the best camper for their needs and budget.”

“We find that even second hand Trayon’s are in demand, thanks to their quick and easy set up, and their ‘access all areas’ guarantee.”


The staff at Camperact are more than qualified to provide advice on Trayon products.

“We have four staff including Catherine and I, and we all have 4WD experience and own campers reflecting our range. Chris, who does our Trayon show work, owns an 1830 Diesel Deluxe. Chris is an experienced 4WDer’ and trip leader.”

When asked about why Trayon has grown into such a strong brand, Peter explains “we are hearing “These suit my lifestyle”; “Trayons are really well built” “You can’t find second hand Trayons because no one wants to sell theirs”. “They’re so easy to live with”

“Trayon is well designed for Australian conditions, strong, versatile and long lived. It is backed by a great warranty and after sales service. From a 4WD viewpoint the light weight and weight distribution is ideal as 60% of the Trayon’s weight sits either between or above the axles, avoiding issues of exceeding GVM or chassis warping.”


Peter’s best advice for finding the right camper is:

“Do your homework; consult owners and owner forums, speak to a knowledgeable, experienced dealer who camps and travels like you, and buy Australian – it will last and hold its value!”


Question: Where are you from and how long have you been in your current State?

“My Dad was in the Australian Army and we lived on army bases around Australia until the family settled in Canberra, as dad took up the communications post at a NASA tracking station. Catherine was born in France, migrated to NZ and later to Australia as her dad took a post at the ANU.

We met in 1997 and started our camper business in 2006 after joining a 4WD club and many travels. We share a love of the Australian outback and bush and are keen campers; 4WDers so we can get out there and continue our love of camping. We use Australian made campers to ensure our comfort and ability to return unscathed no matter how remote we have been. Our business is a natural extension of our passion for outdoor Australia.”

Question: How long have you been working in the off road camper industry, and what do you like most about this profession?

“We have 14 year’s experience as a dealer of Australian made campers. We only sell campers that we will use ourselves. What we like most about this business is the people we meet, their stories and love of exploring Australia. We get a kick from helping others gain some of the experiences we have enjoyed and sharing life saving tips and details of interesting destinations.”

Question: What did you do prior to working in this industry?

“Catherine was a Librarian and I an educator and trainer in many fields and levels.”

Question: What is your favourite thing about your Trayon?

“We own three, but they are our show demonstrators, so we don’t use them off-road ourselves. And we have not had time to take one away on a decent trip, but we have travelled with others using them and been impressed.”

Question:What’s your favourite off road tracks and camping areas in southern NSW?

“Our favourite camp is almost any bush or desert setting with clear stars and no crowds or traffic. We both love the Brindies and along the Murrumbidgee. Honeymoon Bay is beautiful and Monkey Gum along with Yalwal is a challenge. Then there is the west of the state; Cameron Corner, Menindee Lakes and north to a little spot near Port Macquarie. Our 4WD club has its own 700 hectare bush property for training and camping not far from Canberra that we enjoy.”

Question: What is your experience in recreational camping?

“We travel and camp as often as possible and have loved our time travelling the Canning Stock Route, Simpson Desert crossings, Hay River Run, Anne Beadell, the Kimberley, Tasmania and the Victorian High Country, as well as many other places including a little 4WDing in Alaska.”

Question: What was your most recent camping experience, what was your rig, and what was the highlight?

“Catherine took the family and Swiss friends camping last January to Tom Groggin and Mt Pinnibar. I couldn’t go then but in May I travelled the Victorian High Country with the Camper Trailer Lifestyle team preparing for future episodes of that program on Channel 1 Saturdays at 3:00pm.”

Question: What is your earliest camping memory?

“For me it was Army camps for kids and for Catherine it was hiking NZ with her grandmother and camping with her parents.”


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