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Trayon #619 Brian And Carol – Africa To Asia


Before we became Trayon owners back in 2008, we had been ‘eyeing off’ Trayon slide on campers for a number of years.

We had paid numerous visits to Trayon stands at camping or 4×4 shows, and it was always followed by wish mode. In 2005, we bought our Toyota LandCruiser tray-back, with the Trayon in mind for the future.

Our pre-Trayon set-up was a one-pole-tent! We’d throw the tent, Engel fridge and camping gear into the Toyota canopy, and off we’d go. Although simple, we were happy with this setup.

But then we decided to go on a road trip through Africa in 2009, and the Trayon purchase was brought forward!


We shipped the vehicle, and newly purchased Trayon, to Durban in South Africa. It just fit into the 20 foot shipping container, but only with the tyres deflated!

We embarked on an eleven month drive north, through 17 countries! Once we reached Tunisia, we shipped it to Sicily and then drove north to London.


Two years later in 2011, we continued on from the UK.

We drove through Europe to Russia, then to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and into China! From there we drove down through Laos, Thailand and Malaysia, where we then had the vehicle and Trayon shipped from Kuala Lumpur back home to Australia.

In the years following we have enjoyed many road trips through Australia, but there is still so much to see!


After hearing about our 11-month and 7-month stints in our Trayon, people often say “How can you live in such a small space for so long?”

Well, it’s easy! That ‘small space’ has everything we need:

  • An Engel upright fridge, which is also accessible for our morning coffee stops on the road
  • A good-sized sink with hot water
  • Plenty of cupboard space
  • Seating around a table, and most important of all…
  • A very comfortable bed!

On hot nights there’s plenty of ventilation, with big windows both ends of the bed and in the living area, and we have a diesel heater to keep us cosy on freezing nights! And, as we tell them, “we have a huge back yard!”

Only Trayon owners know the freedom of carrying your home on your back, ready to nestle into within minutes of stopping the vehicle. Everything is as you left it that morning, with a place for everything, and everything in its place. Open the Trayon, climb in, and unzip the windows for a brand-new view (sometimes a surprise from up there).

We saw our first view of the Giza pyramids from up in our Trayon!


While in China, an instant audience gathered as we opened up the Trayon. We had to race up the steps and jam a foot against the door, to gain time and open windows before they could look in from outside! There were too many people to come inside!

Our travelling companions in their big trucks wondered how we survived some nights in China. We were covered in snow one morning in Tibet, and caught in a massive wind storm in the Gobi Desert!

In Italy, it sounded like we’d done some real damage. We scraped a cliff face on the Amalfi Coast to avoid an approaching tourist bus that wanted the whole road. When we were eventually able to stop and check, luckily, there was merely a scratch on one corner.


Tough, durable, reliable, compact and dust-free, making it the best off-road (and on-road) option for those seeking the adventurous side of camping.

It allowed us to live outside and enjoy the open spaces, and retreat inside from insects, weather and ……. people. Fellow campers would often ask if they could see inside our camper, and were amazed at the level of comfort and the space inside!

Our friendly Trayon family at Kunda Park, Queensland, have always looked after us with generous ‘after sales’ service, and we’ve also experienced the wonderful camaraderie at Trayon camping weekends, where great friends have been made.

No, we haven’t looked back since 2008.

If you’re thirsty for adventure check out our blog: 


Or you can order our book online from Amazon: Africa Road Trip: One LandCruiser, Two Australians, 300 Days 


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