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Trayon #1136 Review – Graham & Lisa

A Journey to a Second Trayon

This testimonial was written by Graham and Lisa, who recently purchased their second Trayon (#1136)! It demonstrates the confidence customers have in Trayon slide on campers, and is a great insight into their camping journey and how they ended up in the world of Trayon.


Anyone trying to decide what camping set up to create or which ute based camper to buy should have a read of what Graham and Lisa have to say!

Once Upon a Time in a 4WD Far Far Away…..

A camping journey, by Graham and Lisa

We started our 4WD camping lifestyle in the simplest form possible – by sleeping in our car!

While quick and convenient, it wasn’t the most comfortable, and in no time at all we had gravitated to a ground pitched tent.

After experiencing some dicey Australian wildlife, we decided to upgrade to a rooftop tent. Sure, we were out of the wildlife’s reach, but there was a daily morning battle to zip on the tent cover. We also felt quite exposed to the weather.

As a result we started to visit major 4WD/Camping Caravan shows, looking for a lightweight self-contained camper. We knew a lightweight camper was essential because, while traveling with two of our travel companions, each experienced a cracked chassis rail while lugging their camper. We also wanted a fast and uncomplicated set up that my wife or myself could take care of independently, in any type of weather.


While our new Trayon looks externally similar to our first, there has been a constant upgrading of fixtures, technology and construction methods. Plus it is really is Australian made.

Bring on the off road travel in comfort with complete camper reliability.

Here’s a video of Graham and Lisa’s rig with their previous camper #676 in action:


Our first trip away with our new Trayon was with some friends who were camping in a tent. Low and behold, upon returning they also bought a Trayon! Nine years later and it is still going strong! Their Trayon has travelled along many kilometres of bush tracks without issue. They replaced the old 3 way fridge with a new 240/12V one recently, that’s about it.

We kept our first Trayon for three years, criss crossing Australia and ticking off all the iconic 4WD tracks at least once. We did the Canning Stock Route (from Well 23 to 51) four times, three by ourselves! We didn’t shy away from tracks that were, and still are, unmarked on HEMA and VMS maps. The Trayon performed flawlessly.


We only sold the first Trayon because of our reduced opportunities for 4WD travel, and concern that the tray back vehicles at that time had few safety features. For the following seven years we camped with a quality roof top tent (no zip problems) and an annex. But we still had the inconvenience of bad weather, and the weight of the tent required outside help to load/unload.

In the meantime, we continued to visit the major camping shows to evaluate what was on offer, and when most top 4WD utes improved to 5 ANCAP star safety ratings, we decided to again go down the slide on camper path.

Even though we were very happy with our first Trayon, we still went through a comparison exercise to see what was now on the market, and what would best suit our off road habits. We also took into account our observations of other campers when we were outback.

The outcome quickly became apparent.

The simplicity, opening and closing process, self contained style (i.e. no need to erect awnings/annexes), comfort, and light weight made Trayon, once again, the obvious answer!


Lisa and Graham

Graham & Lisa Trayon, Action Shots Of Our Previous Camper #676

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