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Trayon #1003 Terry And Dianne Testimony


We picked up our new Trayon Dual Cab Deluxe, #1003 in late May 2017, then did a couple of 2-day trips to learn how to use everything. After this, we spent 4 weeks traveling to Central West QLD, through Winton across to Opalton and Jundah, 4,000 kms on dusty corrugated roads.

We were amazed NO dust made it inside the Trayon Camper.  This was they told us before we bought it, and we confirmed it. The Trayon seals as tight as a drum, even compartments that house hot water system and gas cylinder were dust free.  Even better than that is that there was NO structural movement, no cracks, everything opened and shut like new.

Trayon Camper Number 1003 Set Up Base Camp

Trayon Camper Number 1003 Set Up Base Camp

Anybody who travels west of the Great Divide knows the problem with thousands of flies, thank goodness for the fly screens.  We also added the screened annex for added space and allowed us to eat outside without adding flies to the menu.

One other thing I should mention is that because the Trayon is so compact and light there is hardly any wind drag.  Our fuel consumption went up from 9.6 to 9.9 litres for 100km over 5,000 kms, hardly noticeable.  Also because you’re not towing you can park in the middle of town where all normal vehicles park.

#1003 Trayon Camper Set Up - Slide on Camper Customer Review

 know it is early days but we are confident there are many more trips to enjoy in the Trayon.

It took us a couple of years to settle on Trayon. We looked at vans and camper trailers but what sold us was limited parking space at our home, inside kitchen and NO TOW.

The Trayon team could not have been more helpful in answering all our questions and more.

If anyone wants to know more about the Trayon contact us through the Trayon Staff.

If anyone wants to know more about the Trayon from someone owning a Trayon you can get our contact details from Trayon Camper’s head office (07) 5476 5355 or enquire for more.

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