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Travellers Tips

Drinking water
If you fill your water tank with a garden hose, you can avoid the toxic taste from the hose by flushing through first. Even better – fill your water tank with a drinking grade hose.

Pack your cupboards with heavy items in the lower cupboards, eg. tin food and bottles. That could save you a headache when you open the cupboards after a long day off-road!

Whilst camping check your canvas periodically for bird and bat droppings and remove with a soft brush.

Keeping the inside dry and clean
Whenever you have your Trayon erected be sure to clip down all of the press studs. That ensures maximum protection.

Soft sand camping
You can camp almost anywhere with your Trayon. In soft sand it is a good idea to take along some pieces of ply. Place them under the legs when your Trayon is freestanding and under the bed supports and inner legs of the entry door.

Make the most of your fridge
Trayon’s fridge is big for a camper…but small compared to your fridge at home. Buy your groceries accordingly. With smaller packages that are consumed in one or two meals you avoid filling up your fridge with large containers of leftovers.

Keeping everything in place
Non-slip matting available at camping stores is ideal to keep pots, plates and groceries in place.

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