Trayon Off-road Camper Hire

Are you looking for an adventurous value for money weekend getaway? An extended holiday through some of Australia’s beautiful backcountry?

Well Trayon Off-road Slide-on Camper hire is ideal for those:

  • Wanting to try a Trayon before you buy
  • Wanting to travel remote Australia in a compact off-road capable camping rig without towing
  • Wanting an easy to use off-road camper setup with a double bed and heaps of storage to travel this beautiful country
  • Wanting to explore Queensland with a 4WD but don’t want to drive all the way to Queensland

Well, either way, our Trayon Off-road camper hire division has you covered.

Long Term Hire – Touring Australia

We understand that in some situations, buying a camper outright and setting up your Ute with 4WD accessories is not economical if you only use it for a once a year trip. Our hire fleet allows you to experience the well known benefits of a Trayon Off-road Camper, without needing to dig deep into your wallet!

Travel to places you simply can’t go with a Trailer or Caravan.

Australia’s first fully functioning touring rig for off-road use. There is nothing else like it.

Why choose Trayon?

Many people forget that our campers are the best on the market, and there are many advantages that people omit. That’s why we compiled a list with lesser known but key benefits of a Trayon Camper.

  1. No towing required
  2. Fully self-contained
  3. Light weight (390kg) camper making off-roading easier
  4. Low profile when travelling
  5. Easy parking in normal parking bays
  6. 100% Australian Made, Owned and Run
  7. Complete-camper ready for short term or long-term trips
  8. Easy and quick to open and close (3min)
  9. Ample storage
  10. Cook inside or outside
  11. Internal shelter in rainy weather

Trayon’s off-road camper hire Fleet

Trayon is one of the only companies to offer a off-road camper hire fleet exhibiting their campers.

The off-road camper hire fleet has a range of vehicles including Ford Rangers and Mazda Bt-50’s in both Dual Cab and Extra Cab formats.

The vehicles we offer have/are:

  • Diesel
  • 4×4 (high-range and low-range)
  • Off-road suspension
  • 2x Maxtrax vehicle recovery tracks
  • Bulbar
  • Towbar
  • Reversing camera
  • GPS navigation
  • Cruise Control
  • Air-conditioning
  • GoVia tags for toll roads

One Of Our Trayon Dual Cab Rigs

This off-road slide on camper hire option comes with all the fruit. Outhouse, solar, onboard battery, drop down the table, pull out kitchen, you name it. It’s a top end top off-road touring rig.

Hire it for the weekend or hire it to drive through and around Australia for 6 months.

You get all the camping essentials – cups, plates, gas, water. All you need to do is fill the fridge and drive off into the sunset

Our Vehicles come full off-road ready. That includes things like suspension upgrades, bullbars and recovery gear.

Off-road Camper Hire Considerations

  • Minimum period: All our hire rigs have a two day minimum hire period.
  • Standard fittings: 110 water tank, 9 kg gas bottle, on board battery system, 100L fridge freeze, grill, showers, portable chemical toilets and more!
  • Rental vehicle limitations: Enquire with Trayon for specifics. But you are covered by insurance for off-road use.
  • Free stand legs: For security purposes, we don’t provide our hire models with camper legs. They have the full suite of Trayon functionality, bar the legs. This means the hire unit cannot be removed from the vehicle while it is being rented.

Using your own vehicle

  • Power: If you rent a camper to slide on to your own rig, you will need facilities in your vehicle for power distribution to the camper. This can be done through a cigarette socket, or we can do the upgrade for you, which would prepare you for longer term hire, or multiple hires during the year.
  • Hook points: This will also require hook points to be installed on the back of your truck. We can do this for a one off price of $130, providing the ability to hire a Trayon again in the future or jump into exclusive Trayon ownership!

Hire Rates

We have two main amazing offers for you to rent. You can rent only the slide on camper, or for an additional fee you can get the complete rig which includes a 4×4 vehicle and the camper. For more details check the table bellow:

1.   Two Person Camper & 4×4 Vehicle (Complete Rig)*

Trayon 1980 Diesel Deluxe with a Mazda BT50 Extra-Cab 2-seater manual

Rate: $250.00 per day

2.   Four Person Camper & 4×4 Vehicle (Complete Rig)*
Trayon Dual Cab Deluxe with a Ford Ranger Dual-Cab 4-seater auto

Rate: $250.00 per day

3.   Two Person Camper (Slide-on camper only)**
Trayon 1980 Diesel Deluxe mounted on a suitable 4×4 tray back single-cab or extra-cab vehicle provided by you

Rate: $130.00 per day (plus a $130.00 one-off fitment fee)

4.   Four Person Camper (Slide-on camper only)**
Trayon Dual Cab (1830mm wide) Deluxe mounted on a suitable 4×4 tray back dual-cab, single-cab or extra-cab vehicle provided by you

Rate: $130.00 per day (plus a $130.00 one-off fitment fee)


* With rentals periods of more than 21 days the rent on both camper and vehicle (Complete Rig) will be reduced to $225.00 per day ($25.00 per day discount) No legs for camper free-standing are provided with any Trayon Hire campers.

** With rentals periods of more than 21 days the rent on camper alone will be reduced to $100.00 per day ($30.00 per day discount) but still including the $130.00 one-off fitment fee.  No legs for camper free-standing are provided with any Trayon Hire campers.  Suitability of the vehicle provided by you is to be determined by Trayon from photos and tray measurements (external measurements) emailed through – for a dual-cab, the headboard/cab height is to be listed as well (measured from the tray load surface upwards)

Also take into consideration that:

*Open and Closed pictures are indicative only – actual rig may vary

*The price reflects the fact that you can take these hire rigs off the beaten track, a luxury not afforded by a great deal of motor home rentals.

*And, remember that this rate combines accommodation and transportation costs. You just need to pay fuel and food, which you would need to pay for anyway during normal vacations involving hotels instead of a self-contained off-road camping unit.

* Discounts apply for hires longer than 21 days, extra long term hires get even more discounts (enquire directly with Trayon for discount rates on long term and exra-long term hires)

* Pickup and drop-off of Trayon Hire Rigs are to be to Trayon HQ (Maroochydore, Queensland) unless differently pre-arranged with Trayon directly – relocation fees will apply.

What will you get in your Trayon Camper?

We made it easier for you to find all the features of a camper by compiling them in the following list:

  • Double bed with 2 x single bed configurations in the Trayon Dual Cab & Double bed with 1 x single bed configuration in the Trayon Extra/Single Cab
  • Internal dining table
  • Internal kitchenette with sink
  • Water tank-110L
  • Water tank Gauge
  • Internal hot & cold-water tap
  • On-board 12v Pump
  • 100Lt 12v marine-grade Fridge/Freezer
  • Gas cook-top with griller and external use stand
  • On board 9kg Gas bottle
  • 5 x windows with midge mesh
  • Integrated 120amp AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • 2 interior 240v Power Outlets (pass through power)
  • 2 interior & 1 Exterior 12v Power Outlet
  • Internal 12-volt monitor and a double USB charge point
  • All LED Lighting
  • On-board 240v battery charger
  • Hot water system
  • Hot and cold external shower
  • Trayon Outhouse ensuite enclosure at the rear
  • Camper Tropical fly
  • 2 x external under-body storage drawers
  • Portable toilet
  • Cutlery, linen, pots & pan

Trayon Off-road Camper Hire – Try Before You Buy

Our off-road slide-on camper hire branch has been very successful in giving customers the ability to choose which way to go – which Trayon model – which Trayon accessories.

It provides the ability to try both of our key models on and experience the differences, to identify which one fulfills your requirements. For example, each Trayon differs in size. Floor space is 400 mm shorter in the dual cab model. Taking either model out for a spin is the only real way to 100% know if it will fit your bill.

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