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Why You Want a Removable Fly For Your Trayon Camper!

You’re probably familiar with a tent fly from your days camping in tents. Let’s explore this a little further.

What is a Tropical Roof Fly?

It’s that outer layer of a tent which acts as a protective layer and prevents wear from water, animal droppings and tree wasting from damaging the main tent. This also means that if the fly is damaged, then it’s a lot easier and less expensive to replace than the main tent.

The whole idea was that it can be completely removable to let more air in or do some star gazing, to feel more in touch with nature for short term camping.

However, you’re now looking at a slide on campers, so you can sleep off the ground, not tow a camping trailer and explore further. Can you still get removable flys for soft top slide on campers like the Trayon Camper?

Slide on Camper Fly Background

Historically a fly on a tent has always been removable but some camper manufacturers have such cumbersome designs that they had to make it as part of the camper structure to give ease of usability for their camper to their customers.

The Trayon Camper Fly – A Cut Above The Rest

Our Fly system is simple and completely removable. Our fly is very easy to attach; by simply attaching 2 hooks before you flip the roof, the fly will be pulled over when the roof flips open. None of this trying to line it up with pegs, or fumbling in the dark just before that storm hits.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to fit the Trayon Tropical Roof Fly:

Advantages of a Removable Camper Fly

There are multiple advantages for a removable fly:

  1. The fly is easier to keep clean – if it remained a permanent attachment it would be very hard to clean 4 meters off the ground (bird droppings, batt droppings, mildew etc)
  2. Option to use it or not – sometimes some customers don’t even fit the fly when they camp short term (personally I always use it 100% of the time I camp). 
  3. Repair-ability – easy to take for repair if an oopsie has occurred
  4. Easy replacement – the fly cops a lot of extremes and eventually it can succumb to the elements after many years of service. Out with the old in with the new.

If the fly were to remain permanently attached – it rubs all the bad stuff (bird droppings, bat droppings etc) into the canvas when you fold the camper up and leave the campsite.

You can’t clean the main canvas tent as easily, and leaving a dirty fly in direct contact with the canvas will inevitably result in the grime transferring to the main canvas tent. So prevention is key to keeping the main canvas clean, strong and functioning for many years to come.

6 Top Reason to Use your Trayon Camper Fly

  1. It keeps the camper cooler inside by reflecting a large portion of the solar absorbance and creating an air-gap between the fly and the canvas
  2. It acts as an insulator for both heat and cold from above allowing the heating or cooling inside the camper to be more effective
  3. It cops all the extremes so that the canvas does not have to and by doing so extending the life of the already long lasting canvas – These extremes include: Acidic droppings (bat, bird, possum, tree sap, cicada urine, eucalyptus tree mist, slug trails) excessive UV, excessive moisture ect ect ect.
  4. It creates an eve over the camper side windows to allow for the windows to be left open at the top (even if only a small gap) in rainy conditions to promote a fresh air circulatory exchange to take place inside the camper.

    This is also made possible because the Trayon has a covered main entrance so when it rains – it won’t come in the doorway which allows you to leave it open for fresh cool air to be drawn into the camper and hotter moist air at the top to exit the camper via the eve covered window top openings.
  5. It helps mitigate condensation inside the camper in multiple ways – the above listed (2) insulating factors but it also creates and eve over the windows (4) at the top to allow the owner to leave the windows slightly open even in full rain and create a draft inside the camper which in turn cycles fresh air through the camper due to our covered main entrance.
  6. My personal favorite reason of all and also why I always use the fly – even for a short one night stop-over: it allows for quick pack up even if you just had a bit of rain or dew.

    It keeps the whole center part of the canvas dry even in full-blown rain and this allows you to remove the fly and pack up instead of waiting till lunch time for the canvas to dry enough until you can pack it up and continue driving.

    You can even pack up in the rain by leaving the fly on until you have flipped the roof closed again and this keeps the majority of the canvas dry still.

Check out the product description to learn more about the Trayon Camper Tropical Fly.

Your Class Leading Trayon Camper

One thing I’m always reminding customers is that the Trayon Camper has been the same design, layout, functionality, structure, build methodology and usability since 1994 and this includes our camper tropical roof fly.

Every aspect of the camper design is thoroughly designed for a specific purpose. To keep you high and dry, warm and cosy in all extremes of the Australian Outdoors.

It’s purpose driven design sets it apart from the pack with class leading specifications in dry weight, structural strength, forward weight profile and capacities like fridge / freezer storage, water storage and battery capacity.

Our basic specifications list (called a Standard):

  • 3min open or close time
  • ‘Caravan-like’ features (full sized bed, seating area with table, kitchenette etc).
  • Huge storage capacity for gear
  • Lounge that makes a third bed
  • Internal kitchen as well as outside usability
  • Water tank-95L
  • Water tank Gauge
  • Internal sink with cold water tap
  • On-board 12v pump
  • 100L 12v marine grade Fridge/Freezer
  • Removable Gas cook-top with griller for inside/outside use 
  • On board 9kg Gas bottle
  • 5 x Windows with midge mesh
  • 2 x Clear plastic screen windows
  • 120amp AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • 2 Interior & 1 Exterior 240v Power Outlet
  • All LED Lighting
  • On-board 240v battery charger

The Trayon Camper is still the lightest and most proven class 2 slide-on camper on the market with the above specifications since 1994

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